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Today in Dallas we’ve seen a ton of budding talent including Dariyus Woodson, Michael Quick Jr, and Jose Muiello plus watched Bryson Dawkins and Kyron Henderson Kyron Henderson 6'6" | PF Dallas Kimball | 2022 State TX take over games.  All that and more at the Prep Hoops Exclusive. 

A Quick Adjustment

Oklahoma Wolfpack guard Mike Quick Jr recently made the move from New York City to Oklahoma.  While Quick’s relatively new to Oklahoma basketball and the Prep Hoops Circuit, Mike has made up for lost time making an instant impact. 

The Wolfpack have been given a difficult slate at the Prep Hoops Circuit but it’s great competition they are managing well.  They’ve defeated SSA Hoops while losing a pair of one score games to the Alabama Celtics and Nevada Hard 2 Guard.  Keeping the Wolfpack in the game every step of the way was their 6-foot-4, 6-foot-5 ball handler. 

Quick approaches the game in a way college coaches would love: a focused hard driving approach, constant communication with his teammates, efficient shot selection even though Quick is the team’s top ball handler and playmaker.  Late in the game against the Celtics Quick earned a steal with his defensive positioning and he pushed the ball the other way.  On the break Quick lifted over the top of the defender for a dunk while being fouled down two points.  Quick never changed expression.  He calmly tied the game in the final minute with a foul shot make, went back on defense directing his teammates who and where to defend, and locked in defensively for the next possession.  

Quick had 18 points on 7 of 10 shooting against the Celtics and earlier in the event Quick put together a 15 point game on 7 of 9 shooting going against a pair of division two offered guards.  Despite the talent of those players Quick’s patience and size won out.  While we still have to learn a lot about his game, the early returns have been outstanding and we fill it would be wise for schools at the scholarship level to find the Wolfpack to see Quick compete. You won’t regret it. 

Dunks and Touchdowns

Kyron Henderson

Kyron Henderson Kyron Henderson 6'6" | PF Dallas Kimball | 2022 State TX of the Texas Swish was the highlight of the Saturday morning session.  With each of his five dunks and four blocks fans started lining the sideline to see this South Grand Prairie product compete.  The highlights were fun but the results were more important. The Swish took out a good D1 New Mexico team and Henderson’s 24 point, 12 rebound double-double was the main ingredient to the victory. 

Henderson is a nationally ranked football player with offers from Baylor, Georgia Tech, Nevada, Kansas and others.  He’s a big time pass catcher that you could see running up the field on a Saturday in the near future.  But Henderson’s impact on the basketball court is just as impressive.  Henderson finished opposing possessions by bouncing to rebounds in his area and outside his area.  Kyron went against a 6-foot-9 big and blocked his shots, and swatted others that tried to come his way.

In the open floor Henderson isn’t just a highlight, he’s a near certainty for two points.  Henderson forced turnovers and then his spring up the floor lead to several fast break scores.  Henderson also attacked baseline with the ball to finish, he scored on a couple putbacks, and his cuts behind the defense were lob finishes before the defense could react.  Kyron is a high major football prospect and if he wants it, I think he could be a high major hooper as well.  Certainly he’s a big target for a mid-major. 

Dawkins in the Clutch

Alabama guard Bryson Dawkins has been a Prep Hoops Circuit star for three months and today his late game clutch performance versus the Wolfpack just added to the resume. 

With a West Virginia assistant coach watching for the second straight weekend, Dawkins is one of the most explosive players in the southern United States so when he gets a step on the defense he’s at a certain advantage.  Late in the game with the Alabama Celtics lead slipping, Dawkins took the game into his own hands.  First there was an assist on the break followed by an attacking finger roll through the rotating defense.  Moments later Dawkins quickly swung the ball to a cutter for a big score and the team felt comfortable. 

Unfortunately the Celtics gave up two scores and concern weighed on his team.  Dawkins attacked the rim but missed a lay-up.  More concern was put on Alabama faces when the game was tied moments later.  Without hesitation from the previous mistake, Dawkins then took the ball, watched the clock, waited to the three second mark, and attacked the defense in the middle of the paint.  The help defenders were quick but Dawkins lifted over the top of them two steps into the lane and flew through the defense for a lay-up at the buzzer. 

It was another big time play for Dawkins who is on his way to a Prep Hoops All American summer.  High major athlete? Yes.  High major offer?  That’s for teams like West Virginia to decide. 

Jose Just Getting Started

Jose Muiello

Jose Muiello out of New Mexico is a 6-foot-9 center that has only been playing basketball four for or five seasons.  The way he sets a firm, solid screen stopping players in their tracks you wouldn’t know he’s just learning.  Muiello put up 20 points and 15 rebounds a game as a junior this past winter and today had 18 points and a dozen rebounds against one of the best big men in Texas. 

Jose’s relatively new exposure to the game has a big advantage in that, he doesn’t seem to know or care who is in front of him when he’s going at the rim. Nor does Jose care if he has missed his previous three or four shots. Muiello continues to use that big frame to try and dunk on opponents, or quickly putback touch scores in the paint of second chances. 

Muiello is a bit of a throwback when it comes to his low post game but he has a lot of modern day knowledge in the way he sets a ball screen.  With a relentless approach and a big frame Jose is putting up double digit numbers regularly.  Any coach with a scholarship to give for a big may like that. 

TJ Ford Basketball Prospects

The TJ Ford Basketball Team has a number of good prospects that caught our eye.  For that we go…. Basketball in Bullet Points! 

  • Six-foot-7 2022 Dariyus Woodson is the top prospect that I saw on the team.  As a big combo forward with skill, Woodson has a high ceiling.  His lefty stroke catches players off guard as does the quick second move after the dribble separation.  He scored 20 points in the 9am game today mixing a pair of threes with several attack finishes.  
  • Terrance Ford, a 5’10 2023 point guard, is another interesting player.  His full speed push to the rim into an explosive lift challenges defenses in a fearless way.  There wasn’t a player on the floor that could keep Ford from a first step attack especially when the ball came back to him in the halfcourt offense.  
  • Bryan Etumnu is 6-foot-7 with great length.  His defensive engagement included a lot of verbal activity, length that was put on players in help defense, and shot contesting even when he was a step out of position.  His tracking of the play on defense was solid as were the rebound numbers.  There were also a few skilled plays with the dribble that caught me off guard. Etumnu has the potential for growth. 
  • Montiel Hatten was the shooting guard game changer.  Down the stretch he hit a big shot, created another big shot, and then hit a three.  Scored 21 points in the win over Albert Elite. 

Exclusive Notes

  • Gus Hurlburt

    D1 Minnesota Prospects 6’8 big Gus Hurlburt is one of the harder working bigs on the Circuit.  His screen and roll hustle and deep post fight led to 14 points on 7 of 8 shooting against BTI.  Gus is a highly intelligent player and student who has a great understanding of the game.  Hurlburt’s movement off ball and work to earn and maintain space has helped him improve steadily
  • Carter Bjerke of D1 Minnesota Prospects is one of the best shooters on the Circuit and the consistency of his touch continued.  With UST Head Coach Johnny Tauer watching on the baseline Bjerke hit another three threes and battled his way to three more scores.  A 15 point game on nine attempts.  Consistent as they come at the power forward spot. 
  • Another Texas Swish player that earned the respect of the audience was guard Savion Red Savion Red 6'2" | CG Grand Prairie | 2022 State TX .  With Henderson damaging the middle, Red led the open floor push for production AND knocked out three threes against a scrambling defense.  The 6-foot-2 guard from Grand Prairie scored 13 continuing his double digit numbers.
  • Clutch?  You want to talk clutch?  The final four of Tyler Kelly’s 16 points against PLATO Prospects out of Colorado was clutch.  The Oklahoma Eagles dug themselves a hole but they clawed, or shall I saw taloned their way out of it! Kelly’s two basket attacks in the final 20 seconds including one at the buzzer gave his team an exciting victory.  Tyler Kelly, yet another player from Oklahoma playing well at The Prep Hoops Exclusive. 
  • Kaden Vande Kaden Vande 6'7" | SG Tuttle | 2022 State OK of Oklahoma Wolfpack is a 6-foot-7 shooter that fits the modern day game well.  The size to defend many fours and the shooting stroke as a forward to bring size away from the cup.  Scored 20 hitting today against the Alabama Celtics. 
  • Another shooter of note is Knute Wood Knute Wood 6'4" | SG Brooks | 2022 State AL , a 6-foot-4 playmaker from Brooks High School in Alabama.  Wood can handle the ball for his team, knock out jumpers, and his toughness was clear on defense and when rebounding. 
  • Eric Brown Eric Brown 6'0" | SG Steele | 2022 State TX of Arnold Elite is a 6-foot-2 guard out of Steele High School in Texas.  Brown’s quick bounce and full court run make him one of the more dangerous players going near the cup.  The only way to contest his attempt is to immediately have a body in front of his lift.  Brown scored 20 against TJ Ford Basketball including a pair of high lifting jumpers. 





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