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It’s the second week of the open period and the Prep Hoops Circuit stars shined in front of a sea of college coaches in Dallas.  Here are the best of the best from Friday. 

Eddrin Bronson Eddrin Bronson 6'1" | PG Tampa Catholic | 2023 State #243 Nation FL of Judah Nation. Bronson, the 243th ranked player in the 2023 class nationally and climbing, went head to head with a multi-offered Texas senior guard and got the upper hand in a big way.  Bronson’s scoring versatility has been well documented but in game one on Friday it was at another level.  He put up 23 points on 8 of 15 shooting including four threes and a good part of that was his late game clutch performance.  Bronson took a close game and made it his with a three, an And1 finish where he was pretty much tackled in the air and still finished, and then late foul shot down the stretch.  

Marvin Hires II of P.L.U.T.O. Prospects.   Hires is likely the poster boy for “combo forward”.  His strength allows him to be a rim finisher as well as a player that can board with size and score with his back to the rim.  But Hires spends more of his time as a three because of his agility and skill.  Marvin showed off that agility jumping over an opponent to catch a lob and dunk on an opponent with one hand. It was one of the best plays of the day, but also a part of a seven score outing that including jumpers and rim scores.  Regardless if he picks tight end in football or forward in basketball, Hires is a future scholarship college athlete. 

Rasheed Jones Rasheed Jones 6'6" | SF Elevate Prep | 2022 State IN of Team Teague. At 6-foot-5 and with offers from Winthrop and New Orleans, Rasheed Jones Rasheed Jones 6'6" | SF Elevate Prep | 2022 State IN is a top 15-20 level talent in the Indiana 2022 class (prep schools included).  Today Jones made his mark with the four first half threes (in a win over Judah Nation) but he’s a player we have seen do more than just hit perimeter jumpers (which Jones does well in a long frame).  The other pair of items that have caught my eye is Jones being able to finish around the basket with either hand and that rip-through beating a man one on one is something a defender must be aware of. 

Ahjany Lee Ahjany Lee 6'9" | PF Byron | 2022 State #115 Nation MN of D1 Minnesota Prospects. The Prospects arrived late because of flight issues but in a shortened, running time game, Lee showed why he is a top 125 level prospect nationally as a 6’10/6’11 post.  In what was basically a 30 minute running time game, Lee went at the rim to score four times (a couple dunks), he blocked two shots, and secured seven boards.  Ahjany was trying to get boards out of his area, he was looking to help over and contest/block shots regularly.  And it’s these type of plays that have college coaches excited about the potential future. 

Cameron Lowe Cameron Lowe 6'5" | SF Lewis-Palmer | 2022 State CO of P.L.U.T.O. Prospects.  At 6-foot-5 Cameron is a top ten player in the state of Colorado’s 2022 class and that number is likely climbing based one what we’ve seen this month.  Lowe is 6-foot-5 and is often used in a number of roles.  His energy is infectious as Lowe loves to get his teammates involved with his ability to move the ball off the bounce.  Cameron handles really well for a wing and makes great decisions.  Then you have the explosive leap to the cup near the rim.  In three showings we’ve seen Lowe lift up over the defense for either two hand dunks or above the rim finishes that the defense couldn’t contest.  Not only is Lowe skilled enough to play a few spots, he’s a good athlete, and brings so much energy to his team. 

JV Seat JV Seat 6'3" | SF Edmond Memorial | 2022 State OK of Team Buddy Buckets. The biggest game of the day was Buddy Buckets vs Tulsa Hawks and the MVP and easily the biggest impact player, was 6-foot-3 JV Seat JV Seat 6'3" | SF Edmond Memorial | 2022 State OK . Buddy Buckets opened an early lead and the three quick triples from JV helped build that lead. Seat is nearly impossible to get off balance which allowed him to get players on his hip and easily finish at the cup leading to 9 to 15 shooting.  The best part of Seat though is his understanding of shot selection.  He made 9 of 15 himself and moved the ball for four assists.  Throw in six rebounds, solid position defense, regular physical contact screening and bumping players off spots, and it was an all around outstanding performance. 

Leland Walker Leland Walker 5'11" | PG North Central | 2022 State #156 Nation IN of Team Teague. Team Teague got up big on Judah Nation with a quick 20 point lead.  The architect of that lead was top point guard Leland Walker Leland Walker 5'11" | PG North Central | 2022 State #156 Nation IN , a top ten talent in Indiana and a top 175 talent nationally.  Walker started the run with his pace push which became rim finishes, dimes for rim scores from cutters, or threes from Jones.  Five scores at the cup and eight assists was the final total in a big win for Team Teague.  Walker’s impact was the possession by possession decision.  It could be as simple as the right initial pass to the wing or high post, or it was Walker attacking to playmake. 

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