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Posted On: 07/19/21 5:02 PM

South Dakota Attack joined the SPTS for the weekend and earned a 5-1 record keeping them on top of the 17U top 15. 


RanksTeamRecordWs of NoteLs of NotePrevious
1South Dakota Attack 23-10Waterloo S (+34), Pentagon Schoolers Daly (+11), Starks Elite (+15), ND PhenomHeat Mac (-13)1
2Sacred Hoops Walker26-4Waterloo S (+8), SH Boomsma, SH Bertram 1, BBA T, Schoolers Daly (+6)Starks Elite (-25)2
3Pentagon Schoolers Daly21-9ECI Selects (+14), Heat Mac (x2), Phenom (+23), ECI P(x3)Rise (-9), SD Attack, SH Walker3
4ECI Prospects15-20ND Phenom (x2), Starks Elite (+2)Rise (-16), Heat Mac (-11), Schoolers Daly (x3)4
5North Dakota Phenom12-15Crossfire P (+2), ND Attack, Schoolers ShortECI Prospects (x2), Eci Select, Attack5
6Pentagon Schoolers Short22-16ND Attack (x3), ECI Select (x2)ECI Select, Phenom6
7Sacred Hoops Bertram 115-2SH Boom, SH SkylarSH Walker (-4)9
8South Dakota Network12-3ND Attack7
9ECI Select20-19Crossfire P (+16), Pentagon Short , ND PhenomSchoolers Daly (-14), Schoolers Short (x2)8
10North Dakota Attack 14-14Schoolers Short (x3), Network (-16)10
11Sacred Hoops Skyler7-2SH Bertram, SH Boom11
12Sacred Hoops Boomsma10-7SH MillerSH Walker (-22), SH Bertram, SH Skyler12
13Sacred Hoops Bertram 28-413
14Sacred Hoops Miller11-11BBASH Boomm SH Herther 16s14
15BBA Force5-18SH Herther 16sSH Bertram 2, SH Walker, SH Miller15

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