Preseason Class B team rankings.

Posted On: 07/27/21 1:19 PM

The PHD programs at the 16u level took park in events in four different locations this weekend and here are the updated rankings and records. 


RankTeamRecordWs of NoteLs of NotePrevious
1South Dakota Attack24-8Heat Pratt (+4), Schoolers M, Schoolers Short 17sECI Select 17s1
2Pentagon Schoolers Vincent23-7ECI Prospects (+18), Heat Pratt (+2), ND Phenom (+7), ECI Prospects (x2), ECI H, Schoolers M (x2), SH WalkerSchoolers M, Phenom2
3ND Phenom19-12Attack Green (+17), ECI P (+5), Schoolers Maschino (x2), SH Walker, Schoolers VECI Prospects (-9), Schoolers Vincent (-7)4
4Sacred Hoops Walker27-5Magic P (+5), SH Herther, Wildcats (+9), Schoolers MSchoolers V, Phenom3
5Pentagon Schoolers Maschino20-10Tropics, ECI Prospects, Niners, Schoolers H, Schoolers V, Attack Green, ECI (x2)Phenom (-3), SD Attack, Schoolers V5
6ECI Prospects15-20Rise (+13), ND Phenom, Magic P (+8), Tropics, MBA, ECI Hanson, Wildcats (+14), SW Stars (+8)Heat Pratt (-1), Schoolers Vincent (x3), Schoolers M (x3), ND Phenom6
7SD Network Kasib13-3SW Stars (-5)7
8ND Attack Green26-7ECI Sch (x2), Niners, Attack 15sPhenom (-17), Schoolers M (-7), Schoolers H8
9ECI Select Hanson16-18Tropics (+13), ECI Schafer (x2), Schoolers V, Schoolers Hilde (x3), Attack BlueTropics (-2), Attack Green (-28), Schoolers Hilde (-16), ECI Prospects9
10Pentagon Schoolers Hilliards12-21Niners (x2), ECI Hansen (+16),, ECI Sch (x2), Attack Blue, Attack GreenAttack Blue (x2), Select Schafer (x2), Schoolers M, ECI Hanson (x2)10
11Sacred Hoops Herther14-7SH Edman (x2), SH Boom, SH Miller 17s SH Walker, BBA 17s11
12ND Tropics6-13ECI Select Hanson (+2), MBAECI Select Hansen (-13), ECI Prospects12
13Master Basketball Academy8-7ND Tropics, ECI Hanson (x2), ECI SchaferSchoolers Maschino (x2), Tropics, ECI Prospects13
14ECI Select Schafer10-26Attack Blue (x2), Schoolers H (x2), NinersECI Hansen (x2), Attack Blue, Schoolers (x2), Attack Green14
15ND Attack Blue11-18Schoolers H (x2), ECI Schafer, Niners, Attack Blue 15s, SD Attack 15sSelect Schafer (x2), Schoolers H (x2), ECI H15
16Sacred Hoops Edman9-7SH BoomSH Herther (x2)16
17Sacred Hoops Boomsma5-13SH Edman, SH Herther, 17
18Dakota Niners5-12SH WillardSelect Sch, Attack Blue, Schoolers H (x2), Attack Green, Schoolers M, SH WIll, BBA 15s18
19Sacred Hoops Willard9-9Niners, BBA 15sBBA H 15s, Niners, 19