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Posted On: 07/16/21 11:10 AM

AAU basketball is back for the first time in over a year and it’s back in a big way as NW Live Summer Regional will take place this weekend based at The Hoop YMCA in Beaverton. It’s a live period so coaches from all levels of college basketball – including Division I coaches – will be on the sidelines of games from Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon at gyms on the west side of the Portland Metro Area. Here’s a quick look at the Oregon teams and players expected to participate.

In 17U Open Elite Division, there will be two Sweet 16 brackets and a Silver Division. Heading the top Sweet 16 bracket will be a couple of the top Oregon Prospects teams, Oregon Prospects 17U and Oregon Prospects Select. Some of the names familiar to Oregon high school aficionados on these two teams include Nic Boyd Nic Boyd 6'0" | PG La Salle Prep | 2021 State OR (2021 La Salle), Zeke Viuhkola Zeke Viuhkola 5'11" | CG West Linn | 2022 State OR (2022 West Linn), Max Von Arx Max Von Arx 6'5" | PF Grant | 2022 State OR (2022 Grant), Dallon Morgan Dallon Morgan 6'10" | PF Sprague | 2022 State OR (2022 Sprague), and Connor Hills Connor Hills 5'5" | CG Barlow | 2022 State OR (2022 Barlow). Team Jones Oregon is also in this bracket and the program often features top players from the Salem and surrounding areas.

The second 17U Sweet 16 bracket features more Oregon teams. Oregon Prospects’s third 17U squad, Oregon Prospects 2022 will be in this bracket and features plenty of athleticism with Donatello Tupper Donatello Tupper 6'4" | SF Roosevelt | 2022 State OR (2022 Roosevelt), Devon Malcolm Devon Malcolm 6'4" | SF South Medford | 2022 State OR (2022 South Medford), and Garrett Osborne Garrett Osborne 6'3" | SG Redmond | 2022 State OR (2022 Redmond). Salem-based All-Around Players (AAP) is also in this field and they are led by sweet-shooting forward Chaz Storm Chaz Storm 6'6" | PF Santiam | 2022 State OR (2022 Santiam), and Rose City Basketball 17U features standouts from Aloha and OES high schools.

The Silver Championship will have a couple of pool play games first on Friday and Saturday before the teams participate in bracket play. Oregon Basketball Club is in Pool A and developing big man Nathan Senatra Nathan Senatra 6'9" | PF Clackamas | 2022 State OR (2022 Clackamas) will be a key guy to watch. FTS Hoops 17U is in Pool B and is led by long range bomber Jacob Axmaker Jacob Axmaker 6'0" | CG Stayton | 2022 State OR (2022 Stayton) and has several others looking to make a name for themselves.

The level of in-state teams and talent in 16U is high. In Sweet 16 bracket play, Oregon Prospects 16U White heads the field and will be led by the dynamic PIL backcourt of Adrian Mosley Adrian Mosley 6'2" | SF Grant | 2023 State #232 Nation OR (2023 Grant) and Kavon Bradford Kavon Bradford 5'11" | CG Benson | 2023 State OR (2023 Benson).  Oregon Prospects’s other 16U squad, Oregon Prospects 16U Black is on the other side of the bracket. Joining them is Fly Select 16U, which will feature the Yamhill-Carlton twins, Moroni Seely-Roberts Moroni Seely-Roberts 6'6" | SF Yamhill-Carlton | 2023 State OR (2023 Yamhill-Carlton) and Malachi Seely-Roberts Malachi Seely-Roberts 6'7" | SF Yamhill-Carlton | 2023 State OR (2023 Yamhill-Carlton), the Tigard twins, Malik Brown Malik Brown 6'0" | PG Tigard | 2023 State OR (2023 Tigard) and Kalim Brown Kalim Brown 6'0" | CG Tigard | 2023 State OR (2023 Tigard), and Cleveland duo Jackson Cooper Jackson Cooper 6'5" | SF Cleveland | 2023 State OR (2023 Cleveland) and Christian Green Christian Green 6'1" | CG Cleveland | 2023 OR (2023 Cleveland).

The Silver Championship for 16U will have Oregon Basketball Club, Oregon Prospects 16U Gold, and Rose City Basketball 16U Blue in the mix.

The 15U Sweet 16 bracket should be very competitive as well. Oregon Prospects has their two youngest teams, Oregon Prospects 2024 and Oregon Prospects 2025 in the mix. 2024 has some up-and-comers from the Bend area in Quincy Townsend Quincy Townsend 6'1" | CG Mountain View | 2024 OR (2024 Mountain View) and Mac Bledsoe Mac Bledsoe 6'3" | SF Summit | 2024 OR (2024 Summit) and 2025 is a team that’s already experienced success last weekend in Irvine. DENY Basketball has its 2024 and Black squads, with the 2024 team featuring up-and-coming guards Jacey Canalin Jacey Canalin 5'7" | PG Wells | 2024 OR (2024 Wells) and AJ Noland (2024 Tualatin). A Train Magic is up from the Medford area and Rose City Basketball 15U is also in the tournament.

The Silver Championship for 15U will have teams such as Oregon Prospects 15U Gold, Oregon Prospects 14U Gold, and Oregon Flash Red.

Most 17U Open Elite Sweet 16 games will be played at The Beaverton Hoop YMCA with the first bracket finals taking place Sunday afternoon at 1:20 PM. PrepHoops Oregon will be on site all weekend so be sure to follow our Twitter @PrepHoopsOR for updated coverage and here for recap articles next week.

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