Posted On: 07/20/21 1:22 PM

The Minnesota Fury just continues to beat whatever is put in front of them earning another weekend undefeated record.  Here is our top 25. 

RankingTeamRecordWs of NoteLs of Note 
1D1 Minnesota 3SSB16-14Fury Antl3
2Fury Antl30-9Rise, WOTN B, Starks Elite, Heat Pratt (x2), Rise, SW Stars (x2), Select Emge (x2), D1 MN 15s, HoF, Starks Elite, Georgia Stars (+17)Comets Elite, WOTN B, D1 Minnesota1
3Grassroots Sizzle UAA21-17Howard Pulley2
4Heat PVR30-9Chill, Select Emge (x3), Comets Elite (x2), SW Stars, Magic P, Crossfire K, WOTN B, Rise, CometsFury Antl (x2), Gain Elite4
5MN Chill20-15Spartans 15s, E1T1Gain Elite, Heat Pratt, Sizzle Caldwell 17s6
6Howard Pulley23-19Comets P 17s, Titans Barker 17s, Rip City, Flight Squad, E1T1, Lightning ESizzle UAA, Lightning E7
7WOTN Bertsch28-10Crossfire B, HoF (x2), Select E, Fury Antl, Lightning D, Lightning E (x2), Select K, Playmakers , Comets Elite, Hawks, Phenom, Heat Lewis, Fury Hayes, Comets B, Starks EliteFury Antl, Lightning E, D1 Mn 15s, Starks Elite, Heat PVR8
8Gain Elite13-14Chill Elite, Heat Pratt, Sizzle Jones, Sizzle Weah5
9Comets Elite 24-18Real Phenom, SW Stars (x2), Select Emge, Fury Hayes, Playmakers North, Fury Antl, Bounce, Comets G, Heat L, Select L, WC UnitedMagic Premier, Fury Hayes, Crossfire Barger, Heat PVR (x3), WOTN B9
10MN Bounce22-6Lightning B, Comets G, Select E, WC Wildcats, Playmakers North (x2), Crossfire B, Heat D, Stars, Titans Stone, Rip City Wildcats, Starks EliteFury Hayes, Titans Stone, Comets Elite, Rise10
11Lightning Ellerbusch24-14Real Phenom, Magic Premier, Select E, WOTN, Pulley Tyus 15s, Suns, Heat D (x2), Heat Y, Stars, Comets G. PulleyHall of Fame, Fury H, Sizzle Silas, Sizzle McD, WOTN, Pulley, Pulley 15s,11
12Mpls Flight Squad Black15-11Sizzle Weah, E1T1Pulley14
13Comets Gagner33-9Select James, Select K (x2), Heat Say (x2), Magic Elite, Titans Stone, Crossfire KBounce, HoF, WC United, Select James, Comets Elite, Lightning E15
14Fury Hayes16-20Comets Elite, Crossfire B, Bounce, Select E, Powerhouse, Heat D, Suns, WC United, Starks EliteHof, Heat D (x2), Starks Elite, Comets Elite, Playmakers North, Crossfire B, WOTN, Titans Stone, Crossfire K, Hawks18
15Crossfire Barger21-14Comets Elite, SW Stars, Playmakers, Magic P, WC Wildcats, Lightning B, Titans Stone, Heat D, Grizzlies, Wildcats, Heat Say, Starks Elite, FUry HayesWOTN Bertsch (x2), HOF, Bounce, Fury H, Stars, 21
16Starks Elite14-13Real Phenom, HoF, Heat Say, E1T1 Premier, Fury Hayes, Head D, Heat Y, Lace Up, WOTN B, Crossfire KFury Antl (x2), HoF, D1 MN 15s, BOunce, Comets B, Fury Hayes, WOTN13
17Grassroots Sizzle McDonald14-14E1T1, Flight 17sSizzle Silas17
18SW MN Stars12-18WC United, Select Emge, Grizzlies, Crossfire BComets Elite (x2), Heat Pratt, Fury Antl (x2), Bounce, Lightning, Rise19
19Select Krona30-9Heat L (x2), Select J (x2), Lace Up, Swish, Select Emge, Sizzle C, Magic P, Heat Y, Powerhouse, Rip City, Hawks, Crossfire KPulley Tyus, Comets G (x2), WOTN, Lightning D, Select James, WOTN F, Heat Say, Heat D16
20Heat Dedina17-10MBA, Playmakers North, Fury Hayes (x2), Titans Stone (x2), Rise, Heat Y, Lightning D, Select K, Crossfire KWC United, Starks Elite, Bounce, Crossfire B, Fury Hayes, Lightning E (x2), Pulley 15s, Heat Say, WOTN Foss24
21MN Rise19-15Real Phenom, Select E (x3), Bounce, StarsFury Antl (x2), Heat D, Titans Stone25
22Playmakers North19-8Select James, Magic P, Fury Hayes, Select E, Crossfire BHeat D, Crossfire B, Comets Elite, WOTN
23Grassroots Sizzle Silas15-7Suns, Lightning E, Sizzle McD, Select James, Heat LewisPulley Tyus (x2), E1T1 Elite 17s22
24Heat Lewis22-12Pulley 15s, Swish, WOTN F, Lightning B, Comets P, Lace Up, Swish, Lightning D, Select E, Crossfire B, Select J, PhenomPlaymakers Premier North, Select K (x2), Heat Say, Comets Elite, Sizzle Silas, Select James, WOTN, WC United, Lightning E23
25Select James24-19Crossfire Brown, Lightning B, Comets G, Heat Leiws, Heat Say, Select KWC Wildcats, Playmakers North, Comets G, Crossfire B, Select K (x2), FOTN F, Magic Elite, Comets Elite, Heat Lewis, Sizzle Silas
Others:Heat Say21-15E1T1 Premier, Rip City, Crossfire P, Comets P, Magic Elite, Heat Lewis, Titans Stone, Heat D, Select K, WOTN FStarks Elite, Crossfire B (x2), Magic, Comets G (x2), WOTN F, Select K, Select J (x2)
Hall of Fame13-6Magic P, Playmakers, Crossfire B, Lightning E, Fury H, Comets G, WC United, Starks EliteStarks Elite, WOTN B (x2), D1 MN 15s, Fury 12
Lightning Dunham12-5Rip City, Comets P, Phenom H, Magic Premier, Wildcats, Select KWOTN, Heat D, Heat L20
Crossfire Brown18-17SW Stars, Heat Say, Comets P, Rip City, Select James, Hoopers, Magic P, Crossfire K, Heat Y, Phenom, Select ESelect James, Magic Premier, Heat Lewis, Titans Stone, WC Wildcats, Magic P
Select Emge15-33MBA, WC United, Powerhouse, Magic P, Sizzle W, Crossfire BMN Bounce, SW Stars, Comets Elite, Lightning E, WOTN, Fury Antl, Heat PVR (x2), Heat Lewis, Fury Hayes, Select K, Sizzle C, Rise, Lightning B, Playmakers North
Crossfire Kahl20-15Magic E, Rip City, Swish, WC Wildcats, Heat R, Heat Y, Wildcats, Magic P, Fury Hayes, Powerhouse, WOTN FossWC Wildcats, Crossfire B, Heat PVR, Comets G, Starks elite, Heat Say, Heat D, Select K
Magic Elite20-7Lace Up, Heat Say, Phenom (x2), WOTN F, Select JamesCrossfire K, Heat Say, Comets G
Northstar Titans Stone18-15Rip City, WOTN F, Rise, Bounce, Fury Hayes, Crossfire B, Phenom, Comets PPulley Tyus, Heat D (x2), Comets B, Bounce, Comets G, Heat Say
West Central United15-16Heat D, Comets G, Suns, Heat LewisWC Wildcats, Select Emge, HoF, Comets Elite, Rise, Fury Hayes
WOTN Foss16-12Exposure, Swish, Lightning B, Lightning D, Select J, Sizzle C, Heat Say, Heat YComets P, Titans Stone, Heat Lewis, Magic Elite, Real Phenom, Comets G
Real Phenom10-23WOTN F, Grizzlies, Rip City, SunsComets Elite, Lightning E, Starks Elite, Rise, Lightning D, Magic P, Magic E (x2), Titans Stone, Crossfire Brown, Heat L
Grassroots Sizzle Weah13-13Pulley, Rip CityFlight Squad Black, Select E
WC Wildcats16-12Select James, WC United, Crossfire K, Crossfire Brown (x2), Heat Y, Rip City,MN Bounce (x2), Crossfire K (x2), Crossfire Barg (x2), Magic P, Lightning D
Mpls Flight Squad White9-3Sizzle JonesSizzle Barnett
Magic Premier13-23Comets Elite, Phenom Hollie, Crossfire Brown (x2), Heat Y, Wildcats, PowerhouseLightning E, HoF, Playmakers, Crossfire B (x2), Lightning D, Crossfire K, Heat PR, Select K, Select E
Comets Peterson20-15Swish, WOTN F, Heat S, Crossfire B, Heat YLightning D (x2), Lightning P, Rip City, Lightning B (x2), Heat Say, Titans Stone
Powerhouse MN6-14Rip City (x2), Lace Up, Select GPulley Tyus, Pulley Shelton, Hawks, Suns, WOTN Foss, Sizzle, Select E, Seleck K, Crossfire K, Fury Hayes, Magic P, Heat Y
MN Grizzlies6-14Hoopers, Heat WStars, Crossfire Barg, Heat Y, Phenom
MN Lightning Bauer9-11Pulley S, Comets BBounce, Select James, WOTN F, Select K, Heat L, Comets P, Crossfire B
MN Swish7-8SunsLightning B
Minnesota Suns9-19Lace Up, PowerhousePowerhouse, Lightning E, Sizzle Silas
E1T1 Premier6-16Rip City, Lace UpStarks Elite, Heat Say, Flight Squad, Sizzle W, Get Shook 15s, Swish, Chill

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