Posted On: 07/9/21 11:52 PM

Generally speaking, there was some sloppy offensive play from a lot of the teams I watched on the opening night of the Midwest Live tournament. Questionable decision-making, sloppy finishing, and a load of turnovers, even from the winning teams. A lot of that can be attributed to the performances of the five players below, especially the inconsistent finishing. The players below altered shots, eliminated driving lanes, and ended possessions with great rebounding.

Christian Melessa | Lincoln Supreme National II 16U

The Lincoln East forward was a stalwart defending the rim Friday night. He maintained verticality whether he was meeting the shooter from an angle, head-on, or on the run. Opponents challenged him with limited success, and late in the second half they finally caught on and began passing out whenever he slid over to help. He had a few blocks and several more altered shots. Rebounding was another strong area for Melessa. He ripped down several with one hand, and in traffic. I was impressed with the controlled physicality he played with.

Ta’ndre Perkins | Sal Elite 16U 

Perkins is a complete player, but this was not his best offensive day in terms of finishing and taking care of the

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