Posted On: 07/11/21 12:47 PM

Battle For Georgia: 2024 Standouts Pt. 1

2024 5-9 PG Christian Anderson Christian Anderson 5'8" | PG Lovett | 2024 State GA – Atlanta Xpress – Lovett
The diminutive guard has an elite outside shot. Anderson can shoot the three with the best of them with deep range. He doesn’t need much space and fires with confidence. Anderson can probe defenses with a low dribble. Adding size and strength will be imperative and will help him cut down on turnovers against physical defenders.  

2024 6-9 F Aiden Sherrell Aiden Sherrell 6'9" | PF Wasatch Academy | 2024 State UT – Atlanta Xpress – Norcross
Aiden Sherrell Aiden Sherrell 6'9" | PF Wasatch Academy | 2024 State UT should be getting High Major attention soon if he hasn’t already. He’s a stretchy forward with a very good outside shot. He impressed with his ability to score around the rim on Sunday. Sherrell can get on the glass and convert through contact. Aiden handles the ball well for his size. He finished with 17 points, 13 rebounds, 2 assists and 4 blocks in a loss to the Georgia Stars.

2024 6-5 G Roc Lee Roc Lee 6'5" | CG Pebblebrook | 2024 State GA – Georgia Stars – Riverwood
Roc is just that. He’s rock solid. Lee can overpower opponents and swallow up ball handlers. He’s very good at getting downhill. The elite athlete posted 13 points in a win over the Xpress.

2024 6-1 CG Jeremiah Wilkinson Jeremiah Wilkinson 6'1" | CG Hillgrove | 2024 State GA – Georgia Stars – Hillgrove
The lefty is a skilled scorer. He’s smooth with the ball in his hands, able to get into the paint. Wilkinson incorporates the mid-range shot well. He was effective on defense, finishing with 13 points, 5 rebounds and 5 steals.

2024 6-1 G Cur’Tavian Clark – Georgia Stars – Spalding
The football quarterback is a strong bodied athlete that crashes the glass from his guard position. He’s tough to slow down in transition and is an aggressive on-ball defender.