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Posted On: 07/12/21 7:03 PM

We’ve updated the top 25 for Minnesota after a long open period of basketball games.  It wasn’t easy but we did.  Here is a quick run through before the top 25.  

Here is where things get interesting rankings wise, and almost impossible, but we try because most people enjoy these and think it’s fun.  The parents and players do a great job handling these actually (a few teams are not so fond).  We try our best here and regardless of what people think, I 100 percent look at head to head results and if not head to head, comparing common opponents while understanding schedules. 

How do we know about teams from out of state?  Because Prep Hoops is now in 45 of 50 states, we ask our colleagues about teams and I research them myself.  So, here is where things get really fun.  

The Elite 32.  Howard Pulley pushed Team Thad to the buzzer losing 85-82.  That’s significant for a few reasons: 1) Team Thad is one of the best teams in America and Pulley pushed them to the wire and 2), Team Thad played D1 Minnesota in May and beat them 81-66.  In comparing opponents, Pulley gave them the closer game.  

Also, we now have a team that Howard Pulley, Sizzle, and D1 Minnesota have played and that is Young & Reckless Brim which is their team that has a few unsigned kids and 2022 kids mixed in.  Sizzle beat them, D1 Minnesota and Howard Pulley both lost to that team by three points.  So with this information we have a common opponent theme that gives us what I think to be a fair common opponent ranking. Also along those lines, Pulley beat YnR Stan this year (the other 17u form YnR) while Minnesota Fury lost to them. 

And in our head to head games, D1 Minnesota beat Minnesota Select while Select and Fury have split games this year.  Fury won the more recent contest. 

But now if you are the Minnesota Suns and Real Phenom you have to be thinking “we beat New York Select this weekend and Pulley lost to them” and while I get that, you have to know that’s where this makes things really hard.  However, Pulley beat Phenom twice already so that of course puts them over Phenom who is in our 6th spot.  Also, Comets Belka did beat Minnesota Select a couple weekends ago which likely has them saying “we played in the title game not them!” but over the course of a full season Select has the better resume. 

So that is the explanation of everything.  I know there are some head to heads that don’t work out but this is the best I have to work with and I am trying to keep these records and rankings for a fun comparison. 


RankingTeamRecordWs of NoteLs of NotePrevious Rank
1Grassroots Sizzle25-13E1T1 P, YnR Brim (+16)1
2Howard Pulley32-13Real Phenom (x2), Y&R Stan (+20), LightningBreakaway (-10), Team Thad (-2), YnR Brim (-3)2
3D1 Minnesota17-15Select OhnstadYnR Brim (-3), Team Thad (-15)3
4Select Ohnstad37-11Fury Narum (x2), WOTN (x3), Fury Wilde (x3), Comets Elite (x2), SW Stars, Heat Grow, Get Shook, MSP Elite, Comets P, Comets B, Real Phenom, WC Wildcats, Heat MacD1 Minnesota, Heat Mac, Fury Wilde, Comets B4
5Fury Wilde26-10Lightning E, Get Shook, Heat Mac, Rise (x2), Heat Mac, D1mnP (x2), Select O, Fury N (x2), Stars, Comets Elite, WOTN, Breakaway (+1)Select Ohnstad (x3), Breakaway (-2), Y&R Stan (-8)5
6MN Lightning Ellerbusch30-4Comets Belka, Fury Narum, Northstar Barker, WOTN, Suns, Phenom Dav, Heat Grow, Heat C, MSPFury Wilde, Pulley6
7D1 MN Prospects19-13WOTN, Comets B, Heat Hoyt, Heat GrowFury Wilde (x2), Starks Elite, Real Phenom8
8WOTN Johnson28-10Comets Elite (x2), NST Barker, Starks Elite (x2), Comets B, Heat Mac (x2), Powerhouse, E1T1, Playmakers North, Titans T, Magic P, WC United, MSP Elite, heat CSelect Ohnstad (x3), Heat Mac, Lightning E, Fury Wilde, D1mnP, Heat Grow, Heat 16s7
9Comets Elite23-20Magic P, Get Shook, Fury Narum (x2), Rise, Stars (x2), Heat Mac (x2), Select L, Heat Grow, JazzWOTN (x2), Comets B Select O, Fury Wilde9
10Heat Grow24-13Fury Narum, Playmakers North, MSP Elite, SW Stars, Suns, WOTNReal Phenom, Select O, Comets Elite, D1mnP, Lightning10
11Heat MacDonald26-17Real Phenom, WOTN, Rise (x2), Fury Narum, Select O, Comets P, Select W, WC WildcatsFury Wilde (x2), Comets B, WOTN (x2), Select O, Fury Narum, Comets Elite14
12Real Phenom30-17Starks Elite, Rip City, Heat Hoyt, D1mnP, Comets Elite, MSP, Magic EliteHoward Pulley (x2), Select O11
13Comets Belka20-19Magic P (x3), WC United, Titans T, Heat Mac, Comets Elite, Select O, SW StarsRise (x3), Real Phenom, Lightning E, D1mnP, WOTN, Fury Wilde, Starks E, Select O, Fury N13
14Fury Narum24-14Magic P (x2), SW Stars, Gain Elite, NST T, Heat Conyers, Crossfire P, Heat Mac, Comets B, Playmakers, Select LLightning E, Heat Grow, Comets Elite (x2), Select O, Heat Mac, Fury W (x2), Heat 16s, Heat C12
15Gain Elite12-16Flight Squad, Sizzle Carter, Team UnitedFury Narum16
16Starks Elite24-6Swish, Heat Conyers (x2), Suns, E1T1, Heat Hoyt, Rip City (x2), Magic Elite, Select L, Comets B, D1mnP, Select L, Comets 16sReal Phenom, WOTN (x2), Fury Wilde, 18
17MSP Elite25-12Select M, Playmakers Showcase, Select L, WC Wildcats, Heat Hoyt, Rip City, Jazz, WC UnitedPlaymakers North, Heat Grow, Select O, Jazz, Real Phenom, Lightning, WOTN20
18Team Get Shook16-20Rise, Flight Squad Black, Select M, Select L, Powerhouse, E1T1 PFury Wilde, Comets Elite, Select O15
19Minnesota Rise24-17Comets Belka (x3), Heat Conyers, Hustle Hard, SW Stars, WC UnitedGet Shook, Heat Mac (x2), Fury Wilde (x2), Comets Elite, Stars17
20Playmakers Showcase North 21-9Rip City, WC, Crossfire P (x2), MSP Elite, Select Mantey, Select LHeat Grow, MSP Elite, WOTN, Fury N, Heat Pratt 16s19
21Grassroots Sizzle Caldwell16-11Northstar Titans Barker, Suns, Chill 16s, Spartans 15s21
22Northstar Titans Barker22-15WC United, Lightning S, WOTN B, Select M, Select W, Lightning S, Select L, Comets PCrossfire P, Pulley 16s, Sizzle Caldwell, Lightning E, WOTN, Powerhouse, Comets P23
23E1T1 Elite21-10Jazz, Heat H, Swarm, Select M, Heat C, SIzzle Silas 16sStarks Elite, Magic Elite, SW Stars, Sizzle 16s24
24Select Mantey30-14Rip City, Real Phenom 2, Northstar Titans T (x2), Heat W, Powerhouse, Select L, Comets P (x2)Titans Barker, MSP Elite, Playmakers North, Comets P, Get Shook, Heat Hoyt, WC Wildcats, E1T1, Titans T, Comets P25
25Comets Petermeier25-20WC United, Jazz, WOTN 2, Select W, Select Mantey, Titans T, Crossfire P, Titans B, E1T1 PWC Wildcats, Crossfire P, Pulley 16s, Lightning S, Heat Mac, WC United, Titans Barker, WOTN , Select M
Others:Crossfire Pederson17-17NSTB, Comets P, SW Stars, Heat Conyers, WC United, Jazz (x2), Lightning B, Magic P, Lightning L, Titans TPlaymakers N (x2), WC United, Fury N, Heat C, Titans T, Select O, Comets P
SW MN Stars9-17Jazz, E1T1, Heat Hoyt, RiseWC Wildcats, Fury Narum, Select O, Comets B, Comets Elite
Powerhouse MN12-11WC Wildcats 2, Select L, Select W, Magic P, Magic Elite, WC WIldcats, Titans B, Rip CityTitans B, Hustle Hard, Get Shook, Select M, Select L, WOTN
MN Jazz10-13E1T1 p, Lightning B, Heat C, MSP Elite, Rip CityComets P, E1T1 Elite, Crossfire P, WC United, Select O, MSP, Powerhouse, Comets Elite, SW Stars, MSP Elite
Heat Conyers21-15WC United, Jazz, Hustle Hard, Titans T, Crossfire P, Magic P, Select L, WC Wildcats, Phenom Dev, Fury N, Comets 16sStarks Elite (x2), Crossfire P, Rise, Fury N, Jazz, E1T1 Elite, Lightning, WOTN
Heat Hoyt13-14WC United, Magic, WOTN L, Select M, Magic Elite, Lightning StuderWC Wildcats, E1T1 Elite, Select W, Select L, MSP Elite (x2) D1mnP, SW Stars, Crossfire
Lightning Studer18-10RP David, Comets P (x2), Select W, Swish, NST B (x2), NST T, Crossfire B, Titans B, Rip City, Heat Hoyt
West Central Wildcats14-9Comets P, Heat Hoyt, WC United, SW MN Stars, Heat P, Select L (x2), Select M, Magic Elite, HHPlaymakers N, Powerhouse, MSP, Heat Conyers, Heat Mac, Select O
West Central United12-16Lightning B, Comets P (x2), Jazz, Heat P, Magic EComets P, Heat Hoyt, NSTB, Comets Belka, WC Wildcats, Rise, WOTN, MSP Elite
Magic Elite14-14Select W, WOTN L, Comets Blue, Lightning B, Rip CityStarks Elite, Powerhouse, Real Phemom, Select L, WC Wildcats, WC United
Northstar Titans Terhaar16-26Lightning S, Crossfire P, Rip City, E1T1 PSelect M (x3), Comets P, (x2) Magic P, Fury Narum, Heat Conyers, Comets B, Crossfire P, Comets P, WOTN
Select Wyandt16-17WOTN L (x2), Comets Blue, Heat Hoyt, Magic PMagic Elite. Lightning S (x2), WOTN Berg, Comets P, Select L, Heat Mac, Titans B, Crossfire P, Heat H
Select Larkin15-20Heat W, Real Phenom 2, WOTN B, WOTN L (x2), Select W, Heat Hoyt, Powerhouse, Magic ElitePowerhouse, Lightning S, Starks Elite, WC Wildcats (x2), Heat P, Get Shook, Select M, MSP, Comets Elite, Fury N, Heat 16, Starks EliteHeat C, Titans Barker
E1T1 Premier7-15Heat Y, Rip City, Jazz, Starks Elite, Flight Squad, Sizzle Weston, WOTN, Comets P, Titans T, Get Shook
Rip City9-17Comets Regional, Heat Hoyt, Magic P, Lightning SSelect M, Playmakers North, Starks Elite, Real Phenom Nick, Titans P, Powerhouse, Starks Elite, Jazz, MSP Elite
Magic Premier11-19WOTN L, Select W, Titans T, Real PComets Belka (x3), Comets Elite, Fury Narum (x2), Powerhouse MN, Crossfire P, Heat C. Rip City, Select W
Hustle Hard8-11Powerhouse, WOTN L, Comets Elite, WC WIldcatsRise, Heat Conyers
Suns9-17Phenom D, SwarmKnights, Starks Elite, Phenom D. Lightning E, Sizzle C, Heat Grow

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