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Trent McNair (’22) accomplished so much in his first three years of high school, and maintains numerous Nashville basketball connections. Sunday evening Trent joined PrepHoopsTN for an interview.  The topics were wide-ranging.  Get to know Trent McNair.

  • NXT LVL HoopFest Champion
  • NXT LVL HoopFest MVP
  • Brentwood Academy Team Captain
  • EAB 17u Starter
  • Mr. Basketball Finalist (2021)


I watched a lot of your brother (Tyler McNair) throughout high school.  That was an unreal Brentwood Acadmey team, obviously.
What was it like watching Darius Garland play, back when you were a kid?
It was just amazing, just watching how he was just a high schooler, playing at a young age.  Playing varsity. Really just killing people.  I loved how got his teammates involved. 

What did you enjoy about watching him, aside from his incredible skills?
I just liked how he never gave up. I have watched him play Hamilton Heights and everybody was 6-foot-10 and they went out there and fought no matter what and usually won.

Are you in touch with Darius now?  Or maybe in the off-season perhaps?
He comes to the school every once in awhile or I will see him at the workouts with Jamal (Richardson).  

Jamal is a great guy.  You like working with him?
He is a really good trainer.

Trainer/Friend Jamal Richardson on Developing Darius Garland and Potential Pros

You and Tyler have drastically different basketball styles.  But what, if anything, did you learn from him about the game or how to compete?
I just learned…something about how he played and how he used his size, he didn’t look at it as a disability (big as he was).  He didn’t look at a guys ranking or care about that.  He just fought to win.

What is important to you, when deciding upon a college?
Being able to play as a team.  Build good relationship with the team and coaches.  Fighting together for a purpose.  

Talking to any colleges this point?
Some assistant coaches talking to me through Twitter, but nothing serious yet.

How is the EAB season going?
We are doing good. We started off a little rocky, but now these past few tournaments we have been turning things up. 

What about your big, Cyril?
Somto?  He is really good. I think he just got an offer today.

When I first saw him play this spring I thought the game was a little faster than he was reacting.  He seemed just a touch behind the speed of play, and then when I heard he was a freshman I was stunned.
(Laughter) That caught me off guard the first time I saw him in practice.  

How do you like playing with EAB guard Evan Eursher Evan Eursher 6'2" | PG Webb-Bell Buckle | 2022 State TN ?
We get along well.  I like to watch him play because he can create for others but also get his shot.   If I am in the corner, then he can score or find me.

Personality of Evan
We are serious when it comes to gametime, but there are times when we can make each other laugh.  We encourage each other…all of us encourage each other and keep pushing each other to play hard and be the best we can be. 

In my opinion, Nashville was not a “basketball town” 10 years ago, and only a little 5 years ago.  Do you see the brilliance of Darius Garland, James Wiseman, some Belmont players, the success of Lipscomb, and just a general growth of the game locally as changing that in the last couple years?
I definitely do.  It is a big help that Darius, James, and all of them went to the league and they still keep in contact here.  

What do you want your basketball legacy to be?
I just want to be the best I can be, the best team player I can be.  At the same time showcase the ability that God gave me.  

Who are the best players you have seen on other AAU teams this year (from TN)?
I am going to say my (Brentwood Academy) teammate Drey Moss (2023).  He has been at the same tournaments as me.  He is an incredible player.  He makes them turn it over and then scores on the other end.

Did you guys play C.P.A. this year?
We played against them in the NextLevel Tournament. It was hard to stop them from hitting shots a lot.  But we kept fighting and won.  We won the whole thing.

That was a tough, tough team on both the offensive end and the defensive end.  Have you trained with them?
I have trained a couple times with Braden Zapp Braden Zapp 5'9" | PG CPA | 2021 State TN . And of course Braeden Moore Braeden Moore 6'8" | PF Christ Presbyterian Academy | 2022 State TN used to go to BA, but that was back in middle school.  He went there before me, and we played together in my seventh grade year. 

Have you heard from any colleges?
We start out Monday with team camps.  I think we might be going to the Lipscomb Team Camp. 

How tall are you now?
I am 6’4″ or 6’5″ ish.  

Do you workout, not basketball but workout with anyone? Lift with anybody?
I lift with Elliott Coleman.  Pro3Fitness.  I think he is @pro3fitness on Instagram.  I train with him.  He is a close friend. 

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