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Posted On: 06/1/21 3:55 PM

Records are updated from this past weekend.  Upcoming this week?  The 9th NHR State Tournament, and it’s got a solid field of teams. 

So…. when are we going to put a ranking to these records?  Should be soon, potentially after the NHR State Tournament. 


RankingTeamRecordWs of NoteLs of Note
1Grassroots Sizzle18-3E1T1 P, YnR Brim (+16)
2D1 Minnesota10-7Select OhnstadYnR Brim (-3)
3Howard Pulley14-7Real Phenom (x2), Y&R Stan (+20)Breakaway (-10)
4Fury Wilde17-4Lightning E, Get Shook, Heat Mac, Rise, Heat Mac, D1mnP (x2), Select O, Fury N, Stars, Comets Elite, WOTN, Breakaway (+1)Select Ohnstad, Breakaway (-2), Y&R Stan (-8)
5Select Ohnstad23-6Fury Narum (x2), WOTN (x2), Fury Wilde, Comets Elite, SW Stars, Heat Grow, Get Shook, MSP Elite, Comets P, Comets B, Real PhenomD1 Minnesota, Heat Mac, Fury Wilde
6Real Phenom22-7Starks Elite, Rip City, Heat Hoyt, D1mnP, Comets Elite, MSP, Magic EliteHoward Pulley (x2), Select O
7WOTN Johnson17-7Comets Elite, NST Barker, Starks Elite, Comets B, Heat Mac, Powerhouse, E1T1, Playmakers NorthSelect Ohnstad (x2), Heat Mac, Lightning E, Fury Wilde, D1mnP
8Comets Elite16-8Magic P, Get Shook, Fury Narum, Rise, Stars, Heat Mac, Select L, Heat Grow, JazzWOTN, Select O, Fury Wilde
9Heat MacDonald17-8Real Phenom, WOTN, Rise (x2), Fury Narum, Select O, Comets P, Select WFury Wilde (x2), Comets B, WOTN
10D1 MN Prospects11-8WOTN, Comets B, Heat Hoyt, Heat GrowFury Wilde (x2), Starks Elite, Real Phenom
11Heat Grow15-9Fury Narum, Playmakers North, MSP Elite, SW StarsReal Phenom, Select O, Comets Elite, D1mnP
12Gain Elite9-5Flight Squad, Sizzle Carter, Team UnitedFury Narum
13MN Lightning Ellerbusch18-3Comets Belka, Fury Narum, Northstar Barker, WOTN, SunsFury Wilde
14Starks Elite15-3Swish, Heat Conyers, Suns, E1T1, Heat Hoyt, Rip City (x2), Magic Elite, Select L, Comets B, D1mnP Real Phenom, WOTN, Fury WIlde
15Team Get Shook9-10Rise, Flight Squad Black, Select M, Select L, PowerhouseFury Wilde, Comets Elite, Select O
16Fury Narum15-9Magic P (x2), SW Stars, Gain Elite, NST T, Heat Conyers, Crossifre PLightning E, Heat Grow, Comets Elite, Select O, Heat Mac, Fury W
17Minnesota Rise14-10Comets Belka (x2), Heat Conyers, Hustle Hard, SW StarsGet Shook, Heat Mac (x2), Fury Wilde, Comets Elite
18Comets Belka13-11Magic P (x3), WC United, Titans T, Heat MacRise (x2), Real Phenom, Lightning E, D1mnP, WOTN, Fury Wilde, Starks E, Select O
19Playmakers Showcase North 13-6Rip City, WC, Crossfire P (x2), MSP Elite, Select ManteyHeat Grow, MSP Elite, WOTN
20Comets Petermeier19-9WC United, Jazz, WOTN 2, Select W, Select Mantey, Titans T, Crossfire P, Titans B, E1T1 PWC Wildcats, Crossfire P, Pulley 16s, Lightning S, Heat Mac
21Crossfire Pederson15-12NSTB, Comets P, SW Stars, Heat Conyers, WC United, Jazz (x2), Lightning B, Magic P, Lightning L, Titans TPlaymakers N (x2), WC United, Fury N, Heat C, Titans T, Select O, Comets P
22MSP Elite14-9Select M, Playmakers Showcase, Select L, WC Wildcats, Heat HoytPlaymakers North, Heat Grow, Select O, Jazz, Real Phenom
23SW MN Stars6-10Jazz, E1T1, Heat HoytWC Wildcats, Fury Narum, Select O
24E1T1 Elite13-8Jazz, Heat H, Swarm, Select M, Heat CStarks Elite, Magic Elite, SW Stars
25Grassroots Sizzle Caldwell10-7Northstar Titans Barker, Suns, Chill 16s, Spartans 15s
Others:Powerhouse MN12-11WC Wildcats 2, Select L, Select W, Magic P, Magic Elite, WC WIldcats, Titans B, Rip CityTitans B, Hustle Hard, Get Shook, Select M, Select L, WOTN
Northstar Titans Barker14-10WC United, Lightning S, WOTN B, Select M, Select W, Lightning SCrossfire P, Pulley 16s, Sizzle Caldwell, Lightning E, WOTN, Powerhouse, Comets P
Magic Elite14-10Select W, WOTN L, Comets Blue, Lightning B, Rip CityStarks Elite, Powerhouse, Real Phemom, Select L, WC Wildcats
MN Jazz8-11E1T1 p, Lightning B, Heat C, MSP EliteComets P, E1T1 Elite, Crossfire P, WC United, Select O, MSP, Powerhouse, Comets Elite, SW Stars
Heat Conyers15-9WC United, Jazz, Hustle Hard, Titans T, Crossfire P, Magic P, Select L, WC WildcatsStarks Elite, Crossfire P, Rise, Fury N, Jazz, E1T1 Elite
West Central Wildcats12-7Comets P, Heat Hoyt, WC United, SW MN Stars, Heat P, Select L, Select M, Magic ElitePlaymakers N, Powerhouse, MSP, Heat Conyers
Heat Hoyt9-10WC United, Magic, WOTN L, Select MWC Wildcats, E1T1 Elite, Select W, Select L, MSP Elite. D1mnP, SW Stars
Select Mantey16-11Rip City, Real Phenom 2, Northstar Titans T (x2), Heat W, Powerhouse, Select LTitans Barker, MSP Elite, Playmakers North, Comets P, Get Shook, Heat Hoyt, WC Wildcats, E1T1
Select Wyandt15-10WOTN L (x2), Comets Blue, Heat Hoyt, Magic PMagic Elite. Lightning S, WOTN Berg, Comets P, Select L, Heat Mac, Titans B
Select Larkin13-10Heat W, Real Phenom 2, WOTN B, WOTN L (x2), Select W, Heat Hoyt, Powerhouse, Magic ElitePowerhouse, Lightning S, Starks Elite, WC Wildcats, Heat P, Get Shook, Select M, MSP, Comets Elite, Heat C
Lightning Studer11-8RP David, Comets P, Select W, Swish, NST B (x2), NST T, Crossfire B, Titans B, Rip City
Northstar Titans Terhaar10-19Lightning S, Crossfire P, Rip City, E1T1 PSelect M (x2), Comets P, Magic P, Fury Narum, Heat Conyers, Comets B, Crossfire P
Rip City8-14Comets Regional, Heat Hoyt, Magic P, Lightning SSelect M, Playmakers North, Starks Elite, Real Phenom Nick, Titans P, Powerhouse, Starks Elite
Magic Premier8-18WOTN L, Select W, Titans TComets Belka (x3), Comets Elite, Fury Narum (x2), Powerhouse MN, Crossfire P, Heat C. Rip City, Select W
Hustle Hard7-8Powerhouse, WOTN LRise, Heat Conyers
Suns5-11Phenom D, SwarmKnights, Starks Elite, Phenom D. Lightning E, Sizzle C
E1T1 Premier5-13Heat Y, Rip City, Jazz, Starks Elite, Flight Squad, Sizzle Weston, WOTN, Comets P, Titans T
West Central United8-8Lightning B, Comets P, Jazz, Heat PComets P, Heat Hoyt, NSTB, Comets Belka, WC Wildcats

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