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Posted On: 06/3/21 5:29 PM

Here is where the 16U records stand coming into the 9th NHR State Tournament this weekend. 


RankingTeamRecordWs of NoteLs of Note
1D1 Minnesota9-7
2Grassroots Sizzle14-5Bulldogs 17s, Flight Squad 17s, Lightning E
3Fury Antl20-4Rise, WOTN B, Starks Elite, Heat Pratt, Rise, SW Stars, Select Emge, D1 MN 15s, HoF, Starks EliteComets Elite, WOTN B
4Gain Elite8-6Chill Elite, Heat Pratt, Sizzle Jones, Sizzle Weah
5Heat PVR18-7Chill, Select Emge (x2), Comets Elite (x2), SW Stars, Magic P, Crossfire K, WOTN BFury Antl, Gain Elite
6Comets Elite 14-10Real Phenom, SW Stars, Select Emge, Fury Hayes, Playmakers North, Fury Antl, Bounce, Comets G, Heat L, Select LMagic Premier, Fury Hayes, Crossfire Barger, Heat PVR (x2)
7WOTN Bertsch16-8Crossfire B, HoF (x2), Select E, Fury Antl, Lightning D, Lightning E, Select K, Playmakers NorthFury Antl, Lightning E, D1 Mn 15s, Starks Elite, Heat PVR
8MN Chill12-8Spartans 15sGain Elite, Heat Pratt, Sizzle Caldwell 17s
9Howard Pulley13-8Comets P 17s, Titans Barker 17s, Rip City, Flight Squad, E1T1Sizzle Weah
10Hall of Fame13-6Magic P, Playmakers, Crossfire B, Lightning E, Fury H, Comets G, WC United, Starks EliteStarks Elite, WOTN B (x2), D1 MN 15s, Fury
11Lightning Ellerbusch16-9Real Phenom, Magic Premier, Select E, WOTN, Pulley Tyus 15s, Suns, Heat D, Heat Y, Stars, Comets GHall of Fame, Sizzle Silas, Sizzle McD, WOTN
12Starks Elite12-6Real Phenom, HoF, Heat Say, E1T1 Premier, Fury Hayes, Head D, Heat Y, Lace Up, WOTN BFury Antl (x2), HoF, D1 MN 15s
13MN Bounce16-5Lightning B, Comets G, Select E, WC Wildcats, Playmakers North (x2), Crossfire B, Heat D, Stars, Titans Stone, Rip City WildcatsFury Hayes, Titans Stone, Comets Elite
14Mpls Flight Squad Black8-4Sizzle Weah, E1T1Pulley
15Select Krona20-4Heat L (x2), Select J (x2), Lace Up, Swish, Select Emge, Sizzle C, Magic P, Heat Y, Powerhouse,Pulley Tyus, Comets G, WOTN, Lightning D
16Heat Lewis18-7Pulley 15s, Swish, WOTN F, Lightning B, Comets P, Lace Up, Swish, Lightning D, Select E, Crossfire B, Select JPlaymakers Premier North, Select K (x2), Heat Say, Comets Elite
17Lightning Dunham12-5Rip City, Comets P, Phenom H, Magic Premier, Wildcats, Select KWOTN, Heat D, Heat L
18Grassroots Sizzle Newbern13-8Swarm
19SW MN Stars8-12WC United, Select Emge, Grizzlies, Crossfire BComets Elite, Heat Pratt, Fury Antl, Bounce Lightning
20Crossfire Barger19-8Comets Elite, SW Stars, Playmakers, Magic P, WC Wildcats, Lightning B, Titans Stone, Heat D, Grizzlies, Wildcats, Heat SayWOTN Bertsch, HOF, Bounce, Fury H, Stars
21Comets Gagner17-8Select James, Select K, Heat Say (x2), Magic Elite, Titans Stone, Crossfire KBounce, HoF, WC United, Select James, Comets Elite, Lightning E
22Northstar Titans Stone15-9Rip City, WOTN F, Rise, Bounce, Fury Hayes, Crossfire B, PhenomPulley Tyus, Heat D (x2), Comets B, Bounce, Comets G
23Fury Hayes10-13Comets Elite, Crossfire B, Bounce, Select E, Powerhouse, Heat DHof, Heat D (x2), Starks Elite, Comets Elite, Playmakers North, Titans Stone, Crossfire K
24Select Emge10-19MBA, WC United, Powerhouse, Magic PMN Bounce, SW Stars, Comets Elite, Lightning E, WOTN, Fury Antl, Heat PVR (x2), Heat Lewis, Fury Hayes, Select K, Sizzle C
25West Central United8-11Heat D, Comets GWC Wildcats, Select Emge, HoF
Others:Heat Dedina14-9MBA, Playmakers North, Fury Hayes (x2), Titans Stone (x2), Rise, Heat Y, Lightning DWC United, Starks Elite, Bounce, Crossfire B, Fury Hayes, Lightning E
Crossfire Brown16-11SW Stars, Heat Say, Comets P, Rip City, Select James, Hoopers, Magic P, Crossfire K, Heat Y, PhenomSelect James, Magic Premier, Heat Lewis, Titans Stone, WC Wildcats
Playmakers North12-7Select James, Magic P, Fury HayesHeat D, Crossfire B, Comets Elite, WOTN
Crossfire Kahl17-10Magic E, Rip City, Swish, WC Wildcats, Heat R, Heat Y, Wildcats, Magic P, Fury Hayes, PowerhouseWC Wildcats, Crossfire B, Heat PVR, Comets G
Real Phenom8-17WOTN F, Grizzlies, Rip CityComets Elite, Lightning E, Starks Elite, Rise, Lightning D, Magic P, Magic E (x2), Titans Stone, Crossfire Brown,
WOTN Foss12-7Exposure, Swish, Lightning B, Lightning D, Select J, Sizzle CComets P, Titans Stone, Heat Lewis, Magic Elite, Real Phenom
Magic Elite17-6Lace Up, Heat Say, Phenom (x2), WOTN F, Select JamesCrossfire K, Heat Say, Comets G
Grassroots Sizzle Silas5-3Suns, Lightning EPulley Tyus
Heat Say12-10E1T1 Premier, Rip City, Crossfire P, Comets P, Magic Elite, Heat LewisStarks Elite, Crossfire B (x2), Magic, Comets G (x2)
Mpls Flight Squad White9-3Sizzle JonesSizzle Barnett
Magic Premier11-20Comets Elite, Phenom Hollie, Crossfire Brown, Heat Y, Wildcats, PowerhouseLightning E, HoF, Playmakers, Crossfire B (x2), Lightning D, Crossfire K, Heat PR, Select K, Select E
MN Rise6-10Real PhenomFury Antl (x2), Heat D, Titans Stone
WC Wildcats14-10Select James, WC United, Crossfire K, Crossfire Brown (x2), Heat Y, Rip City,MN Bounce (x2), Crossfire K (x2), Crossfire Barg (x2), Magic P, Lightning D
Select James15-12Crossfire Brown, Lightning B, Comets GWC Wildcats, Playmakers North, Comets G, Crossfire B, Select K (x2), FOTN F, Magic Elite, Comets Elite, Heat Lewis
Comets Peterson12-11Swish, WOTN F, Heat S, Crossfire BLightning D (x2), Lightning P, Rip City, Lightning B (x2), Heat Say
Powerhouse MN6-14Rip City (x2), Lace Up, Select GPulley Tyus, Pulley Shelton, Hawks, Suns, WOTN Foss, Sizzle, Select E, Seleck K, Crossfire K, Fury Hayes, Magic P, Heat Y
Grassroots Sizzle Weah7-11Pulley, Rip CityFlight Squad Black
MN Grizzlies6-14Hoopers, Heat WStars, Crossfire Barg, Heat Y, Phenom
MN Lightning Bauer9-11Pulley S, Comets BBounce, Select James, WOTN F, Select K, Heat L, Comets P, Crossfire B
MN Swish7-8SunsLightning B
Minnesota Suns8-10Lace Up, PowerhousePowerhouse, Lightning E, Sizzle Silas
E1T1 Premier5-14Rip City, Lace UpStarks Elite, Heat Say, Flight Squad, Sizzle W, Get Shook 15s, Swish

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