Posted On: 06/10/21 8:04 AM

Part 2 of my standouts from the first week of the summer league. 

Joe Marfisi and Bam Mchpail - 2022 Guards - Lincoln East

I saw Marfisi flip a switch and it was over for Norfolk. The 5’10 guard from East made the decision to attack the hoop relentlessly and it was over for the other team. He finished around and through whatever defender was put in front of him, and when they started taking away his layups he made smart reads for dump downs and kick-outs. He’s another smart and gritty point guard that backed down from no one. Mcphail is the other 5’10 guard that time and again proves that he’s one of the best defenders in the state. He wasn’t afraid to get up into players and take the ball right out of their hands. He’s got a great lefty jumper and is incredibly unselfish in East’s system. But don’t be fooled, he can get a bucket when he needs to. These are two guards that will help soften the blow of losing Carter Glenn Carter Glenn 5'11" | PG Lincoln East | 2021 State NE to graduation for Lincoln East. 

Marcus Glock Marcus Glock 6'3" | SF Wahoo | 2024 State NE - 2024 Guard - Wahoo

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