Posted On: 06/28/21 12:26 PM

The GPA shined a big light on the 17 and Under division of basketball in North Dakota and South Dakota.  Here is our latest 17U rankings. 


RanksTeamRecordWs of NoteLs of NotePrevious
1South Dakota Attack 23-10Waterloo S (+34), Pentagon Schoolers Daly (+11), Starks Elite (+15), ND PhenomHeat Mac (-13)1
2Sacred Hoops Walker26-4Waterloo S (+8), SH Boomsma, SH Bertram 1, BBA T, Schoolers Daly (+6)Starks Elite (-25)2
3Pentagon Schoolers Daly21-9ECI Selects (+14), Heat Mac (x2), Phenom (+23), ECI P(x3)Rise (-9), SD Attack, SH Walker3
4ECI Prospects15-20ND Phenom (x2), Starks Elite (+2)Rise (-16), Heat Mac (-11), Schoolers Daly (x3)4
5North Dakota Phenom12-15Crossfire P (+2), ND Attack, Schoolers ShortECI Prospects (x2), Eci Select, Attack5
6Pentagon Schoolers Short22-16ND Attack (x3), ECI Select (x2)ECI Select, Phenom6
7Sacred Hoops Bertram 115-2SH Boom, SH SkylarSH Walker (-4)9
8South Dakota Network12-3ND Attack7
9ECI Select20-19Crossfire P (+16), Pentagon Short , ND PhenomSchoolers Daly (-14), Schoolers Short (x2)8
10North Dakota Attack 14-14Schoolers Short (x3), Network (-16)10
11Sacred Hoops Skyler7-2SH Bertram, SH Boom11
12Sacred Hoops Boomsma10-7SH MillerSH Walker (-22), SH Bertram, SH Skyler12
13Sacred Hoops Bertram 28-413
14Sacred Hoops Miller11-11BBASH Boomm SH Herther 16s14
15BBA Force5-18SH Herther 16sSH Bertram 2, SH Walker, SH Miller15

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