Photo: South Dakota Attack

Posted On: 06/29/21 2:30 PM

South Dakota Attack won the GPA while several teams from North Dakota and South Dakota went head to head, here is the 16u records/rankings update. 


RankTeamRecordWs of NoteLs of NotePrevious
1South Dakota Attack20-8Heat Pratt (+4), Schoolers M, Schoolers Short 17sECI Select 17s1
2Pentagon Schoolers Vincent21-5ECI Prospects (+18), Heat Pratt (+2), ND Phenom (+7), ECI Prospects (x2), ECI H, Schoolers M (x2), SH WalkerSchoolers M, Phenom3
3ND Phenom16-6Attack Green (+17), ECI P (+5), Schoolers Maschino (x2), SH Walker, Schoolers VECI Prospects (-9), Schoolers Vincent (-7)2
4Sacred Hoops Walker21-3Magic P (+5), SH Herther, Wildcats (+9), Schoolers MSchoolers V, Phenom4
5Pentagon Schoolers Maschino18-8Tropics, ECI Prospects, Niners, Schoolers H, Schoolers V, Attack Green, ECI (x2)Phenom (-3), SD Attack, Schoolers V5
6ND Attack Green23-6ECI Sch, Niners, Attack 15sPhenom (-17), Schoolers M (-7)7
7ECI Prospects15-20Rise (+13), ND Phenom, Magic P (+8), Tropics, MBA, ECI Hanson, Wildcats (+14)Heat Pratt (-1), Schoolers Vincent (x3), Schoolers M (x3), ND Phenom6
8SD Network Kasib11-18
9Sacred Hoops Herther9-3SH Edman (x2), SH Boom, SH Walker9
10ND Tropics6-13ECI Select Hanson (+2), MBAECI Select Hansen (-13), ECI Prospects10
11Master Basketball Academy8-7ND Tropics, ECI Hanson (x2), ECI SchaferSchoolers Maschino (x2), Tropics, ECI Prospects11
12ECI Select Hanson12-18Tropics (+13), ECI Schafer, Schoolers V, Schoolers HildeTropics (-2), Attack Green (-28), Schoolers Hilde (-16), ECI Prospects12
13Pentagon Schoolers Hilliards10-19Niners, ECI Hansen (+16), Niners, ECI Sch (x2)Attack Blue (x2), Select Schafer (x2), Schoolers M14
13ECI Select Schafer8-24Attack Blue, Schoolers H (x2), NinersECI Hansen (-21), Attack Blue, Schoolers (x2)13
15ND Attack Blue11-14Schoolers H (x2), ECI Schafer, Niners, Attack Blue 15s, SD Attack 15sSelect Schafer, Schoolers H15
16Sacred Hoops Edman7-5SH BoomSH Herther (x2)16
17Sacred Hoops Boomsma5-13SH Edman, SH Herther, 18
18Dakota Niners5-12SH WillardSelect Sch, Attack Blue, Schoolers H (x2), Attack Green, Schoolers M, SH WIll, BBA 15s19
19Sacred Hoops Willard9-9Niners, BBA 15sBBA H 15s, Niners, 17

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