Posted On: 06/14/21 4:46 PM

We are almost halfway through June and it feels like summer is flying by. Most high school teams will be busy this month with team camps and tournaments. Towards the end of the month, players will start to get busy with AAU again. This is a great time to update the rankings. The next update for the rankings will come out in the fall.

Full 2024 Rankings List:

A Look At The Top 10 Prospects

#1. Jeremiah Sem Jeremiah Sem 6'3" | SG Fargo North | 2024 State ND |6-1 G| Fargo North/ECI

#2 Isaiah Schafer Isaiah Schafer 6'1" | PG Bismarck Century | 2024 State ND |6-1 G| Bismarck Century/ECI

#3 Deng Deng Deng Deng 6'4" | SF Four Winds/Minnewaukan | 2024 State ND |6-4 G/F| Four Winds-Minnewaukan

#4 Carter Zeller Carter Zeller 6'5" | PF Fargo North | 2024 State ND |6-5 F| Fargo North/ECI

#5 Cole Holzer Cole Holzer 6'5" | PF Central Cass | 2024 State ND |6-5 F| Central Cass/Master Basketball Academy

#6 Dalton Lamp Dalton Lamp 6'0" | SG Jamestown | 2024 State ND |6-0 G| Jamestown/ECI

#7 Jacob Brandt Jacob Brandt 6'8" | PF Hillsboro/Central Valley | 2024 State ND |6-8 F| Hillsboro-Central Valley/ECI

#8 Daniel Yorke Daniel Yorke 6'0" | SG Fargo Davies | 2024 State ND |6-0 G| Fargo Davies/ECI

#9 Peter Havelka Peter Havelka 6'4" | SF Fargo Davies | 2024 State ND |6-4 F| Fargo Davies

#10 Carson Haerer Carson Haerer 5'11" | PG Bottineau | 2024 State ND |5-11 G| Bottineau/ND Attack


How do you guys decide where a player gets ranked? Let me tell you.

North Dakota’s Prep Hoops prospect rankings are compiled by our writers with input from high school, AAU, and college coaches who watch a ton of North Dakota basketball. We put a lot of time and energy into it — probably too much! — and we are as diligent as we can possibly be to get it right. We never intentionally set out to bury a kid or leave them off the list. We try not to be biased — other than favoring kids with talent, grit, and a desire to get better. We work hard at being fair. But at the end of the day, not everyone will be happy, and that’s OK. Rankings are updated three times a year, in October, February, and June. Here are some other important things you should know.

 College coaches have a lot of influence. If there is no clear consensus on the top players in each class, we give them the last word.

– AAU matters. In the winter update, we are obviously adding players who are having great high school seasons. This is the primary opportunity for athletes who don’t play AAU ball to make their mark. It is a reality, however, that players who do not play AAU are greatly diminishing their opportunity to make the prospect rankings. They are also limiting their opportunities to play college basketball since being seen by 10 coaches is statistically less likely to yield the desired result than being seen by 100.

– Most importantly, this list is about college potential, not current performance. Let me repeat that. THIS LIST IS ABOUT COLLEGE POTENTIAL, NOT CURRENT PERFORMANCE. This is the big one, the factor that causes the most consternation, the most misunderstanding, especially among keenly interested parents.