Posted On: 06/22/21 1:11 PM

There were some terrific matchups at UBT this week, including a State Championship rematch between Millard North and Bellevue West that lived up to the billing. Here are a few standouts from week 3:

Zion Hendon Zion Hendon 6'5" | PF Omaha Central | 2022 State NE | Omaha Central (pictured)

Nobody matched the energy and effort that the senior forward brought to the court Monday night. He sprinted the floor, provided great help defense, and was a monster on the glass. One play in particular against Omaha South summarized his play-style perfectly. He was pressuring the ball in the backcourt, but got beat by a crossover. The ball-handler passed it ahead and sprinted to the rim because he had a few steps on his aggressive defender. Bang sprinted hard, navigated some traffic in the lane, and pinned the eventual shot attempt against the backboard despite him starting the play deep in the backcourt. Sure, he got beat, but he made up for it with his athleticism and effort. 

Nick Dolezal | Millard North

I have written previously about Dolezal’s activity on both ends, and Monday was no different. I need to highlight his skill development, though, because he is more than just a high-energy bench guy. His mix

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