Jaxon Kohler
Photo: American Fork Athletics

Posted On: 06/16/21 4:47 PM

Here is the next 5 in June’s addition of the 2022 Rankings. A lot can change but we have a solid group of players once again. 

#2 Roddy Gayle Roddy Gayle 6'4" | SG Wasatch Academy | 2022 State #70 Nation UT (Wasatch Academy)

The sharp shooter from Wasatch Academy has already committed to Ohio State. Labeled as a SG don’t be fooled by that the kid is athletic and he can flat out score the ball. 

#3 Jaxon Kohler Jaxon Kohler 6'9" | PF Southern California Academy | 2022 #49 Nation (American Fork)

Jaxon racks up so many nicknames when he plays because he has elite footwork. Jaxon watches a lot of film from the classic big men in the league and he patterns his game after them. Makes some tough shots and with a recent offer from Oklahoma Jaxon will have some tough decisions to make when it comes to choosing a school to play at the next level.

#4 (Wasatch Academy)

The Seattle, Washington native will make the move to Wasatch Academy and we hope to get an up-close look at him moving forward and his recruitment is likely to explode.

#5 Keba Keita Keba Keita 6'9" | C Wasatch Academy | 2022 State #157 Nation UT (Wasatch Academy)

Keba is strong and raw. He is dominant on the blocks and he will rack up major minutes as he has waited his time at power house Wasatch Academy

#6 Rex Sunderland Rex Sunderland 6'4" | PG Davis | 2022 State UT (Davis)

Rex is a smart and high IQ player that can play on the ball or off the ball. His PG skills have really improved and his defense is impressive. He will only get better. Rex has put in a lot of work in the gym and it has shown. Look for him to standout at Section 7 in Arizona.