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The best of the Cream City Collision that I was able to see this past Sunday.  Names to know for the future!

Quentin Bolton Quentin Bolton 6'5" | SF Shoreland Lutheran | 2021 State WI Jr of Playground Warriors PH (6’6 Wing from Shoreland Lutheran, WI, 2021).  Had to check back in on the 6-foot-6 skilled wing/forward that showed the skills of a wing but the rebounding numbers of a four or a five.  Bolton attacked the Limitless Basketball team relentlessly for a dozen baskets including a pair of threes.  Not only did he score in every way, Bolton grabbed another dozen rebounds.  Making plays everywhere. 

Nick Burke Nick Burke 6'5" | PF Southwest Christian | 2022 State MN of WOTN (6’5 Forward from Southwest Christian, MN, 2022).  It was another weekend shining a spotlight on Burke’s ability to score the basketball consistently, in different ways, and at key times.  He made a crucial basket late that was monumental in the win over Limitless Basketball.  Burke hit four threes in his Sunday morning game on his way to 18 points.  Burke then scored 14 in a blowout victory.  

Lashaun Dantzler of Old Gold (5’10 PG from Hyde Park, IL, 2022).  Dantzler is one of the fastest players I have seen all spring.  It was impossible for his opponents to close out on him off a rotation or sprint back to get in front of his transition attack.  A constant playmaker, Dantzler was a 4-5 bucket, 7-8 assist a game guy this weekend.  Good defender with the potential to be an elite defender, good attacking guard with the potential to be even better as he continues to improve every decision made in the middle of the lane. 

Noah Feddersen Noah Feddersen 6'9" | PF Menomonie | 2022 State WI of Playmakers (6’9 C from Menomonie, WI, 2022).   I’m a big believer in the big man from the Playmakers.  I simply love how he finds so many ways around the rim to use that length and touch to finish.  Tap-ins, agile reverse scores, quick shoulder turns over each shoulder, and consistent putback finishes. Not only did I like how he created shots for himself, Noah didn’t force anything and really moves the ball quickly.  Smart, quick decisions on the block.  He also put away a team with late foul shots showing the touch from the foul line.  Throw in the agility at his size and he’s a prospect that I have a high opinion of as do many other scouts/writers on the Prep Hoops Circuit. 

Joseph Fitch Joseph Fitch 6'8" | PF Christian Homeschool Assn. | 2022 State IL of Illini Magic (6’8 PF from Home School, IL, 2022).  There is a prototype that colleges look for up front these days to handle the modern game.  They like size and length, Fitch has that.  Schools love a big that moves his feet laterally well and uses his length well, Fitch has those qualities.  They want a big that can run with the pack to finish at the rim or retreat back and protect the rim, Fitch can do that.  Add in how quick off his feet Fitch is and this is a player with the physical abilities to be a scholarship player.  He caught the attention of a lot of our Prep Hoops Circuit scouts over several weekends so this is a certain name to watch for the future. My favorite play Fitch made was a catch at the elbow, he faced up and put the ball on the deck for a rim finish beating his man, and then scoring over the top of the help.  

Josh Grote of Limitless Basketball (6’0 Guard from Buffalo Grove, IL, 2023).  I caught a good part of two games that Limitless played and the one guy that teams couldn’t figure out how to guard was Josh Grote.  Grote is playing up a level but to the opponents they see a six foot guard so they randomly match-up without a care.  That’s mistake one as Grote then attacks guys with a sharp attack to the cup.  Then players figure out that he’s a player to get on but Grote is pushing in transition and beating players up the floor.  After guys become aware that Grote can attack them easily, they back off a step, and here comes the jumper.  Grote can score in bunches. 

Kyle Haas of WOTN (6’0 PG from Prior Lake, MN, 2022).  I watched Sunday morning with a strong curiosity if that 16 assist game was a temporary thing, or this is how Kyle Haas plays.  After noticing he averaged six assists a game this past winter and then seeing him carve up Limitless Basketball, I can stay strongly that I love the way this young man directs a team with his passing.  Guys have to love playing with him.  In addition, Haas is a big strong kid that you can’t mess with.  

Jalen Overway of MBA Lakeshore National (6’9 C from Holland Christian, MI, 2022).  I’m not sure the 285 pounds listed at Max Preps is correct but Overway was too big, too physical, and too strong for defenders in this event.  In addition, Overway moves well so not only did he turn into players physically and get where he wanted to board or finish plays, sometimes his quickness beat the opponents as well.  I was really surprised at how fluid Overway’s spin move was and after that spin he put a bruising shoulder into his man before the finish.  Not only does Overway beat you down low, he punishes you.  Really good footwork, hands, and a nice face-up touch as well. 

Shane Scharmach of Playmakers South (5’11 PG from Winona, MN, 2022).   I really like the playmaking feel of Shane Scharmach.  His ability to move the ball to shooters in small windows (that he created) as well as quick feeds against a slow retreating defense first caught my attention.  Then I learned to really like the way he controlled the pace for his team.  Averaged double digits this past winter, and the scoring is just a plus.  Great feel for the game. 

Bennie Slater Bennie Slater 6'5" | SF Springfield | 2021 State IL of Illini Magic (6’6 Forward from Springfield, IL, 2021).  Scott Burgess mentioned that Slater has become a top target of junior colleges and that is really to see.  I really like the description of point forward because it fits Slater well.  He’s got that comfortable handle to push with, the size to play around the basket or guard bigger players, and the talent to create offense. Slater was too quick/skilled for big players and then when the team switched, Slater was shooting over small guards with success.  Late in the game the opponents switched to a zone, Slater led the ball movement and created two scores (one himself, one for a teammate off the dribble).  Really like Slater’s potential for the future. 

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