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Morristown East brings back a wonderful ’22 class and Haywood looks a little taller, perhaps more balanced than a year ago.  Late June the two teams met at BCAT Hoopfest.  These are their stories.

Haywood vs. Morristown East


#0 Taquarius Douglass – Haywood
#1 Elijah Fauteux – Haywood
#4 Kevion Davis (2023) – Haywood
#5 Jamari Person (2023) – Haywood
#11 Janerus Snipe (2023) – Haywood
#13 Lekendric Phillips – Haywood
#22 Jacari Comage (2024) – Haywood
#31 Tylon Chatman (2023) – Haywood

Morristown East

#2 Micah Simpson Micah Simpson 6'0" | PG Morristown East | 2022 State TN (2022) – Morristown East
#5 Cooper Wright – Morristown East
#15 Luke Dougherty (2022) – Morristown East
#23 Braden Ilic Braden Ilic 6'10" | PF Morristown East | 2022 State TN (2022) – Morristown East
#30 Caleb Hall – Morristown East


Tylon Chatman (Haywood) – Last season, as a sophomore, Tylon averaged 18.4 points per game, 2.4 rebounds per game, and 2.1 assists per game.   He was the leader in scoring by a nine point margin over any fellow ’Cats.  Chatman played extremely quick against Morristown East.  He did not dominate the basketball though.  Chatman ran the offense and played very much within the structure of that offense.  He did not play selfishly and appeared to enjoy the teammates “getting theirs.”  Chatman’s first step is elite at the Class AA level. BCAT statisticians recorded 16 points for Tylon in the game.  

Janerus Snipe (Haywood) – Junkyard dog.  Strong offensive rebounder.  Built tough.  Don’t ask Janerus to touch the ball or handle more than 12′ out.   Likes to pass out of the post.  Snipe could be a throwback big like an Anthony Mason, or a Ben Simmons type with his passing with a big body.

Jamari Person (Haywood) – Facing Morristown East, Person was just a nuisance.  His drives were quick and disruptive.  Mo East guards really lacked the footspeed to keep him away from the basket.  Person was not exceptional at shooting and did not finish as well as Chatman, but he did provide a solid guard with scoring proclivities.  Both Person and Douglass are going to be vital to Haywood’s 2021-2022 season.  Chatman needs some scoring help this season and they are two guys capable of providing it in bulk.  Draws fouls well. Needs to be more reliable as a free throw shooter.

Taquarius Douglass (Haywood) 

Jacari Comage (Haywood)

Braden Ilic Braden Ilic 6'10" | PF Morristown East | 2022 State TN (Morristown East) – Solid around the rim offensively, Braden was the typical deterrent under his own glass.  Haywood guards showed some cleverness driving at Ilic and then pump-faking or dropping it off.  Ilic, like most shot-blockers reacted a little too quickly to the fakes.  It must be said that Ilic’s guard teammates allowed nearly constant first-half penetration, putting BI in unfriendly spots.  Morristown East used the high-low often.  Ilic handled a touch around the arc and tugged his defender away from the paint.  The Canes did not really have a post threat to compliment Ilic, but they did find some success with guards and wings operating without Haywood’s top bigs anywhere to be found. One aspect Ilic did not show enough is vertical explosion.  Sure, the 6-foot-10 forward can score without peak leaps at the high school level, but college bigs and wings will be able to challenge anything soft or timid above the rim.  When he gets a slight advantage, Ilic needs to attack the rim with his full hunger and force.  Handle is much improved in the last two years.

Micah Simpson Micah Simpson 6'0" | PG Morristown East | 2022 State TN (Morristown East) – Despite his lofty PrepHoopsTN ranking coming in, Micah was somewhat exposed against the Tomcats.  His perimeter defense looked completely suspect.  Taquarius Douglass easily burst by Simpson and Chatman did the same.  Simpson exceled in the open floor, especially after he collected his own defensive rebound.  Simpson’s touch in the lane is better than average and he plays relatively quick on offense.  Haywood just burned him when he lined up on defense.

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