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Ravenwood and Oak Ridge squared off June 19th during the BCAT Team camp.  The game took place in Briarcrest Christian, playing sideways alongside another game.  Oak Ridge is replacing a wonderful outgoing ’21 class.  Ravenwood brings back plenty of pieces, including senior point guard Andrew Lamuno Andrew Lamuno 5'11" | PG Ravenwood | 2022 State TN .  

Oak Ridge vs. Ravenwood

Oak Ridge

#1 Bryson Comer – Oak Ridge
#2 Lucas Searcy (2022) – Oak Ridge
#3 Kell Slater Kell Slater 5'10" | PG Oak Ridge | 2022 State TN (2022) – Oak Ridge
#5 Flip Thompson (2022) – Oak Ridge
#10 Jamison Uptgraft (2022) – Oak Ridge
#11 Cadon Uptgraft (2022) – Oak Ridge
#15 Brennen Scott (2024) – Oak Ridge

#1 Matthew Williams (2022)
#2 Malcolm Hamilton II  (2022)
#10 Andrew Lamuno Andrew Lamuno 5'11" | PG Ravenwood | 2022 State TN * (2022)
#23 Will Brent (2023)
#24 Brett Shelby (2023)
#25 Jake Mulder* (2022)
#30 Ethan Myers (2023)
#44 Noah Clifford Noah Clifford 6'6" | PF Ravenwood | 2022 State TN * (2022)

Andrew Lamuno Andrew Lamuno 5'11" | PG Ravenwood | 2022 State TN (Ravenwood) – For RHS, Lamuno is going to be the offensive tiller.  Without him the flow and direction will lack severely.  Everything begins and runs through Andrew, a point guard with plus quickness. Lamuno needed and needs to add upper body weight in order to be the complete package offensively.  Currently, he is unable to endure the battering in the paint whilst finishing.  Shooting is a strength, but he still needs to add heft.

Malcolm Hamilton II (Ravenwood) – Hamilton II played with incredible intensity and strength defending the perimeter.  Hamilton II obviously put(s) his time into the weight room.  Powerful lower body.  He trusted his lateral mobility enough to lineup uncomfortably tight across from his mark.  His time was truncated as a result of a minor ding.  Groin injury perhaps?  Hamilton II quickly got in the kitchen of the opposing cook and disrupted his meal plans.  Hamilton II is a player worth increasing the workload in 2021-2022.

Kell Slater Kell Slater 5'10" | PG Oak Ridge | 2022 State TN (Oak Ridge) – Unselfish general.  Kell lived in the lane, despite Ravenwood’s best efforts.  Slater was quicker than anyone else on the court.  The loss of a wonderful senior class quickly made Kell the veteran on the squad.  Slater will be much more effective as the teammates grow into their roles as scorers because then Kell will have efficient bucket-getters on the end of his sharp, quick passes.  Slater was an impressive passer against a guard-heavy RHS team. 

Lucas Searcy (Oak Ridge) – Searcy kind of played forward for Oak Ridge.  His strength is a plus and Searcy certainly balanced out the team with scoring and strength inside. Searcy runs with Team Passion Elite 17u.

Bryson Comer (Oak Ridge) – Oak Ridge is replacing multi-year starters at both wing spots and in the post.  Comer looks like a nice, albeit raw offensive, option in those departing stars’ vacancy.  Comer will give the team dependable effort as a rebounder.  He can finish off the bunnies.  The team is still figuring out how to utilize the face-up forward in their halfcourt sets.

Jake Mulder (Ravenwood) – Mulder scored on a nice, curl play against Oak Ridge.  The Wildcats lack the post defense of a year ago.  They will have to figure this out to excel as they usually do. Mulder also earned his way to the free throw line.  This should be an aspiration for Mulder and the whole team.  The white-clad Raptors shoot well, but instantly increased their efficiency when they stepped to the free throw line instead of heaving from deep.  Mulder could be even more hungry for the pill.

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