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An elite public school basketball team and an elite private school basketball program clashed on the opposite side of Tennessee, when East Hamilton battled Knoxville Webb.

East Hamilton vs. Knoxville Webb

East Hamilton

#42 Cade Pendleton Cade Pendleton 6'10" | PF East Hamilton | 2022 State TN * (2022) – East Hamilton
#4 DeLeon Petty DeLeon Petty 6'0" | PG Ooltewah | 2022 State TN * (2022) – East Hamilton
#11 Ashton Munson (2024) – East Hamilton
#13 Lincoln Scruggs* (2022) – East Hamilton
#35 Zachariah LaBoo Jr. Zachariah LaBoo Jr. 6'6" | SF East Hamilton | 2023 State TN * (2023) – East Hamilton


Knoxville Webb

#0 Jaylon Green Jaylon Green 5'10" | PG Knoxville Webb | 2022 State TN * (2022) – Webb
#1 Luke Lentz Luke Lentz 5'11" | SG Knoxville Webb | 2022 State TN * (2022) – Webb
#2 Lukas Walls Lukas Walls 6'3" | SG Knoxville Webb | 2023 State TN * (2023) – Webb
#3 Brandon Winton Brandon Winton 6'2" | PG Knoxville Webb | 2024 FL * (2024) – Webb
#10 Cole Nathan (2023) – Webb
#11 Drake Ingram Drake Ingram 6'1" | PG Knoxville Webb | 2024 State TN (2024) – Webb
#13 Eli Vickers (2024) – Webb
#14 John Tolsma (2023) – Webb
#15 Devin Mixon Devin Mixon 6'2" | SG Knoxville Webb | 2022 State TN (2022) – Webb
#20 Jaylen Pompey Jaylen Pompey 6'0" | PG Knox Webb | 2025 TN (2025) – Webb
#22 Markeis Barrett Markeis Barrett 6'2" | SG Knoxville Webb (football) | 2024 State TN (2024) – Webb
#23 Shavar Young Shavar Young 5'10" | PG Knoxville Webb | 2026 TN (2026) – Webb


Brandon Winton Brandon Winton 6'2" | PG Knoxville Webb | 2024 FL (Knoxville Webb) – The explosion of Brandon is elite, especially considering his upper body power and weight.  He flew up the floor in transition, outpacing the East Hamilton guards.  Brandon is a lot bigger in the shoulders than he was six months ago.  In order to keep himself among the lofty Top 20ish in Tennessee, BW will need to keep working on his jumper.  Too often, elite 14-year old basketball players doubling with football stagnate with their jumpers through the key development years of 15, 16, 17.  It makes sense.  Shooting development takes time and both football and basketball training require lots and lots of time.  Brandon, like many wonderful athletes before him has potential to succeed in both basketball and football.

Zach LaBoo (East Hamilton) – Ridiculously strong for a high school athlete, LaBoo is the kind of hooper that plays better in the open offenses of college basketball teams.  He is not currently exploiting his strength advantage to its fullest.  LaBoo should be facing up the second-big and working him out over and over.  LaBoo and Cade Pendleton Cade Pendleton 6'10" | PF East Hamilton | 2022 State TN spent a possession helping press break. It was unique and also effective.  Their competence away from the basket shows a lot of faith in their decision-making on behalf of the East Hamilton coaching staff.

Ashton Munson (East Hamilton) – Clever. Undersized lead guard.  Munson was fearless in the paint and showed off some capacity to score in traffic despite giving up several inches in height each time he slashes. Needs better shot discipline.  Can remind of D.J. Augustin a touch.

Read more about Ashton from Courtney Smith.

BCAT Team Camp: 5 best guards (East Tennessee edition)


Eli Vickers (Knoxville Webb) – A little stiff on defense.  Vickers projects as a small college guard.  A two-guard?  His court awareness is strong and he knows his responsibilities. There needs to be improvement in lateral mobility and just a general smoothness.  He appears to play a lot better when he stops thinking and trusts his instincts.  This is a guess, but there is a difference in his best and worst moments that appears merely internal.  Blocked out with purpose.

Lukas Walls Lukas Walls 6'3" | SG Knoxville Webb | 2023 State TN (Knoxville Webb) – Walls will graduate in two years as a four-year starter.  Walls was very advanced with his skill package as a freshman.  That development continues, and with the graduation of several guards, Walls is able to manuever more appropriately as a wing guard.  He was a more aggressive and needed rebounder early in his high school career.  On this point, Walls gets to play his natural wing with AAU.  He does still have to jump center, which is not ideal.  As for the skills, Walls is able to shoot or drive at a plus level.  Closing out on him failed multiple times, because he is adept at the blow-by. 

Cade Pendleton Cade Pendleton 6'10" | PF East Hamilton | 2022 State TN (East Hamilton) – The lightness of Cade’s feet is really, really exciting.  Many players with his soft touch and skills are unable to fully utilize them simply because they have slow feet or heavy bodies.  Cade’s frame and feet are elite at the high school level.  He might have a redshirt year squeezed into his college program, but the touch around the rim remains wonderful.  Cade will shoot something around 8 free throws a game if he keeps working on the low blocks in 2021-2022.

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