Posted On: 06/17/21 1:01 PM

Which players are the best at maximizing the talent around them and creating plays for others? It requires anticipation, feel for the game, and the physical skills to match the IQ. I picked five sophomores who have proven they have those traits in some capacity.

Neal Mosser Neal Mosser 6'2" | SF Millard North | 2024 State NE | Millard North

I've written about Mosser's play creation several times so I don't need to go too deep on it. Simply put, he sees the floor as well as anyone in this class. He operates one or two beats ahead of everyone else on the floor, and that applies to the defensive end, too. Mosser can dime you up with either hand from a variety of angles, and is an excellent live-dribble passer. He is a deadeye shooter, so helping off him can be a death sentence. This opens driving lanes and creates space for his teammates to operate just by standing behind the line. 

Eldon Turner | Bellevue West

Turner is extremely shifty at the point guard position. He almost always draws some amount of help when he drives, and from there he usually makes the right play. As solid as he is on offense, where I think he

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