Posted On: 06/30/21 7:50 AM

Prep Hoops Michigan recently updated their class of 2023 prospect rankings. As always, some players moved their way up the list. Let’s take a look at some of the players that are moving up in the rankings.

Check out the rankings below:

Grant Gondrezick Grant Gondrezick 6'2" | PG Benton Harbor | 2023 State MI (PG, Lakeshore)

Prep Hoops Michigan Ranking:  #9

Watch this story closely. Grondezick is turning tragedy into triumph, I’ll bet on it. He’s playing some of his best basketball and has the look of an elite prospect.  

Amari Allen Amari Allen 6'2" | PG Hamtramck | 2023 State MI (PG, Hamtramck)

Prep Hoops Michigan Ranking:  #14

When you’re one of the top perimeter defenders in the state, your ranking will eventually jump. Just ask  Julian Lewis Julian Lewis 6'5" | SG Ann Arbor Huron | 2021 State MI  who’s defense helped carrry him to a top 6 ranking in his class. Allen has that same look.

Simon Neuhaus Simon Neuhaus 6'5" | SF East Grand Rapids | 2023 State MI (SF, East Grand Rapids)

Prep Hoops Michigan Ranking:  #19

Neuhaus just has too many tools to not move up. His positional size and strength combined with his ball skills are a scary proposition for his opponents.

Caron Williams Caron Williams 6'3" | SG L'Anse Creuse | 2023 State MI (CG, L’Anse Creuse)

Prep Hoops Michigan Ranking:  #27

Williams just keeps getting better and it’s honestly, just fun to watch. He possesses nice vertical speed and later quickness.

Teddy Williams Teddy Williams 6'6" | PF Grand Ledge | 2023 State MI (PF, Grand Ledge)

Prep Hoops Michigan Ranking:  #29

Williams may not be the biggest riser in terms of pure ranking number, but he is when it comes to talent level and attention turned to his game. Williams has top 20 potential, easily. He’s one of the most versatile players over 6-5 in the state.

Michael Sulaka Michael Sulaka 6'8" | C Warren De La Salle | 2023 State MI (C, Warren De La Salle)

Prep Hoops Michigan Ranking:  #31

Saluka is really turning heads these days. The long post prospect is an instant impact defender. His offensive game seemss to be gaining steam, and as it does, Saluka will be an even more highly targeted player.

Tae Boyd Tae Boyd 6'3" | SF Grand Blanc | 2023 State MI (SF, Grand Blanc)

Prep Hoops Michigan Ranking:  #43

When you’re a key contributor to a state championship as an underclassmen, your ranking will probably improve. Boyd is an athletic wing and a solid 2 way player. 

Tyler Robertson Tyler Robertson 5'11" | PG Ida | 2023 State MI (PG, Ida)

Prep Hoops Michigan Ranking:  #101

Robertson ended the spring grassroots season on a tear. He’s always had a very nice upside, but his game has hit a different level. Robertson was last seen scoring and dishing the ball with energy, efficiency, and purpose.

Andrew Sniesak Andrew Sniesak 6'4" | PF Armada | 2023 State MI (PF, Armada)

Prep Hoops Michigan Ranking:  #110

Sniesak is an undersized 4, but you can’t measure heart and toughness by inches. The young man battles under the rim. So much so, that he deserved a jump up in the rankings update.