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Here are some results and top performers for the weekend. If results weren’t sent in, we can’t report them.


Cincinnati Royals Havens went 4-0 at Prep Hoops Havoc in the Heartland. Noah Johnson, Mattox Kelly and Travis Krohman led the charge to an undefeated record.

Manimal Elite Black went 2-1 at Bob Gibbons in Atlanta.  Riley Brown Riley Brown 6'3" | CG Thomas Nelson | 2024 State KY averaged 21 and 7 while  Hayden Blakeman Hayden Blakeman 6'3" | SF Green County | 2025 KY  averaged 14 and 6 and  Junius Burrell Junius Burrell 5'8" | PG Great Crossing | 2024 State KY put up 22 and 5 over the weekend.

UpNext went 4-1 at Bob Gibbons. Their lone loss came to Team Thad. Darrell Bateman, Gavin Grubbs Gavin Grubbs 6'1" | CG University Heights | 2024 State KY , Matthew Hauret and Jonah Butler all shined for the Hopkinsville based team.

NuBreed Elite played at Havoc in the Heartland. A record was not given but “they showed a lot of growth this weekend”. Tavi Quisenberry, Connor Davis Connor Davis 5'9" | PG Lincoln County | 2024 KY , Jackson Withrow Jackson Withrow 5'11" | SG Lincoln County | 2024 KY and Trevor Miracle led their team.

Louisville Prospects went 3-2 and lost in triple overtime of the Gold Championship game.  Jacob Hand Jacob Hand 6'4" | PF Holy Cross | 2024 State KY averaged 15 points and 8 rebounds per game.

Shaun Boykins Shaun Boykins 6'1" | PG North Hardin | 2024 State KY led Manimal Elite Gold to the Elite 8 at Gibbons. He averaged 10 points, 6 rebounds, 6 assists and 3 steals per game over the weekend. Jaylan Rigdon also played well.



Vision Elite went to Gatlinburg and went 2-1 for the weekend. Kirk Lemons averaged 15 points while Chaz Brown and Zack Otis both averaged over 14 per game.

UpNext went 4-1 at Gibbons in Atlanta and lost in the final 4.  Kenyatta Carbon Kenyatta Carbon 6'1" | SG Owensboro | 2023 State KY , Daisjuan Mercer, Marcus Eaves Marcus Eaves 6'4" | SF Hopkins County Central | 2023 KY , Chappelle Whitney and Gerard Thomas Gerard Thomas 6'3" | SG Henderson County | 2023 State KY  all had strong weekends for their squad.

Griffin Elite Bordas went 2-2 at Gibbons.  Jaden Biggers Jaden Biggers 6'6" | PF Bryan Station | 2023 State KY , Elijah Decker Elijah Decker 6'5" | SF Ohio County | 2024 KY , Ethan Cooper Ethan Cooper 6'3" | CG Garrard County | 2023 KY and Jay Rose Jay Rose 6'3" | SF Madison Southern | 2024 KY all averaged double figures for the event.

NuBreed Elite went 4-0 at the Havoc in the Heartland event. Colton Ralston averaged 20 PPG over the weekend while Tramane Alcorn Tramane Alcorn 6'0" | CG Lincoln County | 2023 State KY , Drew Marshall and Owen Barnes Owen Barnes 6'3" | SG Boyle County | 2024 KY all played well. 

Cave Gym Elite’s  DeJohn Blunt DeJohn Blunt 6'2" | CG Bourbon County | 2023 KY averaged 22 points per game at Bob Gibbons. The team finished with a 2-2 record for the weekend. Blunt had a game high of 36 points in the last game on Sunday.

Quinn Anvils won the Orange Championship at Bob Gibbons. Zamerion McCown and  Keith Robinson Keith Robinson 6'4" | PF DeSales | 2023 State KY  were top performers all weekend.

Griffin Elite Rogers went 1-2 at Gibbons Samuel Parrish had a strong showing as he scored 17+ points in every game.

Griffin Elite Hardewig went 1-2 at Gibbons.  Teagan Moore Teagan Moore 6'5" | SF Owen County | 2023 State KY averaged 27 points per game for the weekend and led the team in every statistical category.  Landen Hamilton Landen Hamilton 5'11" | SG Conner | 2023 State KY and Caleb Brooks Caleb Brooks 6'9" | C Cooper | 2023 State KY also kicked in strong performances.



Griffin Elite White went 2-2 at Bob Gibbons in Atlanta.  Kale Gaither Kale Gaither 5'10" | PG Madisonville-North Hopkins | 2022 State KY averaged 17 points while  Danye Frazier Danye Frazier 6'1" | PG Madisonville-North Hopkins | 2023 KY , Jalen Briscoe and Kaleb Kanipe all averaged double figures over the 4 games.

Cave Gym Elite went 1-2 at Gibbons.  Kai Simpson Kai Simpson 6'1" | CG Frederick Douglass | 2023 KY averaged 19 per game while  Tyson Barrett Tyson Barrett 6'8" | PF Frederick Douglass | 2023 KY  averaged 22 points and 9 rebounds per game in 3 games.

UpNext went 1-3 at Gibbons. Olajuwon White averaged a double double over the course of the weekend.

Louisville Storm Ellis was 2-2 at Prep Hoops Havoc in the Heartland. Keyonie Rutledge averaged a double double while  Kam Jones Kam Jones 6'1" | CG Central | 2022 State KY averaged 17 points per game. Xavier Zubrie did a good job protecting the rim and rebounding.

Kentucky Select Blue went 2-1 at Big Shots Tri-State May Madness in West Virginia. Cam Christy led the team with 16 points and 13 rebounds per game.

Griffin Elite Q went 3-1 at Gibbons.  Darien Lewis Darien Lewis 5'11" | PG Fern Creek | 2022 State KY and Justin Becker Justin Becker 6'6" | SF Robertson County | 2022 State KY  had good weekends while  Tanner Walton Tanner Walton 6'3" | CG Lexington Christian | 2022 State KY hit the game winning shot in Sunday’s game.

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