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Posted On: 05/3/21 11:13 AM

Here is your weekend Minnesota 17U recap and your updated records for the state.


Omaha. This weekend the SPTS and SPBL were played. Minnesota Fury Wilde went undefeated with good wins over the Rise and Heat MacDonald plus an 60-36 win over the Schoolers. Minnesota Select suffered their first loss of the season (to the Omaha Crusaders National team 72-66) but then bounced back to beat the Comets, SW Stars, and Fury Narum. Heat MacDonald, Comets Elite, and Fury Narum all went 2-2. In the second league, Select Mantey continued their recent surge with a 4-0 record. Comets Petermier was a strong 3-1.

Ames. The Sizzle crushed the teams they faced in Iowa by 34, 42, 50, and 16 points. It was an Iowa Battlers team that I think is new, a couple teams from Powerhouse Nebraska (that may be a new program as well, not sure), and then the last game was against the top All Iowa Attack team I believe (the 16 point game). Sizzle Caldwell won three of four while Northstar Titans Barker lost three of four including a 71-60 game to Sizzle Caldwell.

Fort Wayne. The only Minnesota team to head to the Run N Slam this year (at 17U) was Howard Pulley. The Panthers beat Illinois Hoopstars (not the AJ Storr team, the UA Rise team which also has good players) and Beyond Ball (the team with Terrence Brown Terrence Brown 6'0" | PG Columbia Heights | 2022 State MN out of Iowa).   They lost to Grand Park Premier (UA Rise team from Indiana) and Breakaway Basketball (from Illinois).

Meg Vang Memorial Tournament.   This year the Meg Vang was a one day event at Forest Lake High School with teams playing round robin pools. Heat Grow won the top pool beating Playmakers North, MSP Elite, and MFS, and all games were by large margins. Real Phenom Nick won the second pool beating Starks Elite, Rip City, and Heat Hoyt. Crossfire Pederson won pool three, Select Larkin won pool four, and then the separate two group divisions that were two pools of three with an end champ, that was won by Hustle Hard over Powerhouse MN.

Update.  Here are the 17 and Under Records I have put together. NOT RANKINGS. Records. I’m sure I made some mistakes on who goes were as I look back and forth between computers and I’m sure somebody played in an event last weekend I wasn’t aware of. You can tweet to me and I will fix it. AND, these are NOT RANKINGS at this point.

TeamRecordWs of NoteLs of Note
Grassroots Sizzle7-1
D1 Minnesota7-6Select Ohnstad
Select Ohnstad13-4Fury Narum (x2), WOTN, Fury Wilde, Comets Elite, SW Stars, Heat GrowD1 Minnesota
Fury Wilde13-4Lightning E, Get Shook, Heat Mac, Rise, Heat Mac, D1mnPSelect Ohnstad
Heat MacDonald12-5Real Phenom, WOTN, Rise (x2)Fury Wilde (x2)
D1 MN Prospects7-6Fury Wilde
Howard Pulley6-6
Comets Elite10-6Magic P, Get Shook, Fury NarumWOTN, Select O
MN Lightning Ellerbusch10-3Comets Belka, Fury Narum, Northstar Barker, WOTNFury Wilde,
WOTN Johnson4-3Comets Elite, NST BarkerSelect Ohnstad, Heat Mac, Lightning E
Real Phenom14-1Starks Elite, Rip City, Heat Hoyt
Heat Grow11-5Fury Narum, Playmakers North, MSP EliteReal Phenom, Select O
Team Get Shook4-8RiseFury Wilde, Comets Elite
Minnesota Rise11-5Comets Belka (x2), Heat Conyers, Hustle HardGet Shook, Heat Mac (x2), Fury Wilde
Starks Elite13-1Swish, Heat Conyers, Suns, E1T1, Heat Hoyt, Rip City (x2), Magic Elite, Select L, Real Phenom
MSP Elite10-5Select M, Playmakers ShowcasePlaymakers North, Heat Grow
Playmakers Showcase North 8-3Rip City, WC, Crossfire P, MSP Elite, Select Mantey, Heat Grow, MSP Elite
Fury Narum9-7Magic P, SW Stars, Gain Elite, Lightning E, Heat Grow, Comets Elite, Select O
Gain Elite3-5Fury Narum
Comets Belka7-5Magic P (x2), WC United,Rise (x2), Real Phenom, Lightning E
Crossfire Pederson10-5NSTB, Comets P, SW Stars, Heat Conyers, WC United, Jazz (x2), Lightning BPlaymakers N, WC United
Heat Conyers10-6WC United, Jazz, Hustle Hard,Starks Elite, Crossfire P, Rise
Grassroots Sizzle Caldwell4-4Northstar Titans Barker
Northstar Titans Barker8-8WC United, Lightning S, WOTN B, Select M, Crossfire P, Pulley 16s, Sizzle Caldwell, Lightning E, WOTN
Select Mantey11-5Rip City, Real Phenom 2, Northstar Titans TTitans Barker, MSP Elite, Playmakers North
Magic Elite10-3Select W, WOTN L, Comets Blue, Lightning B, Rip CityStarks Elite
Swish5-2Lightning SStarks Elite
Lightning Studer8-4RP David, Comets P, Select W, Swish, NST B, NST T,
Hustle Hard5-6Powerhouse, WOTN LRise, Heat Conyers
West Central Wildcats7-4Comets P, Heat Hoyt, WC United, SW MN Stars, Heat P, Select LPlaymakers N,
Comets Petermeier10-6WC United, Jazz, WOTN 2, Select WWC Wildcats, Crossfire P, Pulley 16s, Lightning S
Powerhouse MN7-4WC Wildcats 2, Select L, Select W, Magic PTitans B, Hustle Hard
Select Larkin6-5Heat W, Real Phenom 2, WOTN B, WOTN LPowerhouse, Lightning S, Starks Elite, WC Wildcats, Heat P
Knights2-2SunsLightning S, Heat Conyers
Suns4-8Phenom DKnights, Starks Elite, Phenom D
Real Phenom David4-11Heat W, WOTN B, Lightning S, Suns (x2), Select Mantey, Select L
WOTN Berg3-3Select W, Heat WNST B, Select L, Real Phenom 2
Select Wyandt6-6WOTN L, Comets BlueMagic Elite. Lightning S, WOTN Berg, Comets P
E1T1 Elite5-2Jazz, Heat HStarks Elite, Magic Elite
E1T1 Premier3-4Heat Y, Rip CityJazz, Starks Elite
MN Jazz6-5E1T1 p, Lightning BComets P, E1T1 Elite, Crossfire P, WC United
Heat Hoyt7-4WC United, MagicWC Wildcats, E1T1 Elite
West Central United6-6Lightning B, Comets P, JazzComets P, Heat Hoyt, NSTB, Comets Belka, WC Wildcats
Rip City 23-5Lightning BHeat W, E1T1 P
Lightning Bance3-6Magic Elite, Rip City 2, WC Unitd, Jazz, Crossfire P
Magic Premier4-11WOTN L, Select WComets Belk )x20a, Comets Elite, Fury Narum, Powerhouse MN
WOTN Leith3-5Comets Blue, Comets RegionalSelect W, Magic E, Comets P, Select L
Rip City6-9Comets Regional, Heat HoytSelect M, Playmakers North, Starks Elite, Real Phenom Nick Starks Elite
Northstar Titans Terhaar7-10Lightning SSelect M
Minneapolis Flight Squad2-6
Central Fusion1-3Rip City, Jazz, Crossfire P
SW MN Stars0-8WC Wildcats, Fury Narum, Select O
Comets Regional1-3WOTN L, Rip City


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