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Posted On: 05/28/21 2:38 PM

NHR has put together our first top 25 of the 15u season.  It’s our first ranking of the year and we are excited to offer it.  


RankTeamRecordWs of NoteLs of NotePrevious
1Minnesota Spartans13-3Heat D 16s, Fury Hayes 16s, Starks Elite 16s, Sizzle Taylor, Swarm 16sSizzle Caldwell 17s, Chill 16s1
2D1 Minnesota 3SSB17-4Starks Elite 16s, HoF 16s, WOTN 16sFury A 16s2
3D1 MN Mofitt26-2Playmakers North, Starks Elite (x2), E1T1 P, Comets Elite, Playmakers , Showcase, Rush (x2), Fury Z, WOTN M, Crossfire R, Stars, Magic Elite, Titans B, Cougars, Heat BD1 Mn 14s5
4Heat Bohrer21-3Comets Elite (x2), Select A, Heat PBJ, Gain Elite, Fury M, Crossfire R, Titans Brodeur, Lightning L, Northern LakersD1 Moffitt3
5Howard Pulley Team Tyus14-4Select K, Titans Stone, Lightning D, Sizzle S 16sLightning E 16s4
6Fury Zurn19-6Rush, Heat PBJ, Rise, Comets K, Select, SW Stars, Rush, Crossfire R, WOTN M, D1 MN Moffett6
7Central MN Cougars15-2Real P, N Lakers, Lightning N, Magic Elite, Heat D, Swarm, United Select, Heat Jones, Magic PD1 Mofitt9
8Heat PB&J14-7Magic P, Rise (x2), Select A, Comets K, Comets G, Comets Elite,Lightning L (x2), Heat B, Fury Zurn7
9Select Altenhofen18-9Rush, Comets K, SW Stars, Rise,Heat Nord, Fury Muir, Get Shook, Rip City, Magic P, RushHeat B (x2), Heat PBJ, Fury Z, Gain Elite,8
10Team Get Shook14-7Lightning L, Magic P, Chill, Sizzle T, Sizzle S, Sizzle P, Sizzle B, Sizzle JSelect A10
11Northern Lakers14-6WC2, Lightning N, Heat Jones, WC Wild, Swish, Comets G, Lightning L,Lightning N, Swish R, Team Tyus 14s11
12Rush18-9Comets Elite (x2), WOTN M, D1 MN 14s, Phenom Ross, Legacy, Crossfire B, WOTN M, Crossfire R, Heat J, Lightning NFury Z (x2), Select A (x2), D1 MN Moffitt (x2)12
13Crossfire Becker17-6Lace Up, Heat Jones, Legacy, Phenom Ross (x2), Matrix, Select McRush, Comets G, Lightning L, WOTN M19
14MN Chill15-7Rise, Sizzle Hill, Sizzle Suggs, PlaymakersGet Shook, Tillman15
15Northstar Titans Brodeur17-12Heat F, Matrix, Phenom R, Crossfire R, Heat N, Magic P, Fury M, Lightning N, Heat FN Lakers, Sizzle Caldwell, Heat B, Fury M, D1 Mofitt17
16Lightning Lyga13-7Heat PBJ, Heat F, WOTN M (x2), Crossfire B, Heat PBJGet Shook, Rise, Crossfire R, N Lakers, Select F, Gain Elite, NR
17Heat Fluery15-5Matrix, Playmakers N Smith, WC United S, Starks Elite, Lightning N, Fury M,Magic PLightning L, Northstar Titans B (x2), Starks Elite, Stars24
18Lightning Nelson14-8Select F, Heat F, WC2, Phenom, Comets G, Select M, Swish, Heat Jones, Magic P, Fury M, Magic ECentral MN C, N Lakers, Heat F, Titans B, Rush13
19Grassroots Sizzle Tillman8-7Heat Dimond, Chill, E1T1 PGet Shook14
20Grassroots Sizzle Caldwell9-6-1Titans Brodeur, HoopersMagic 14s16
21Spartans Bilal6-7Fury M, Gain Elite, Sizzle P, Sizzle HHeat B, Phenom20
22Gain Elite8-3Lightning L, WOTN M, Select Mc, Sizzle Jones, Select AHeat B, Fury M, Spartans BNR
23Howard Pulley Shelton10-8Powerhouse 16sLightning B 16s, Heat Lewis 16s21
24MN Rise7-13Lightning L, SW Stars (x2)Comets K, Select A, Chill, Heat PBJ (x2), Fury ZNR
25SW Mn Stars9-11WC United, Heat F, Magic EliteRise (x2), Select A, Fury Z, Heat BNR
Others:Fury Muir11-12Heat Jones, Gain Elite, Titans B, Heat N (x2)Heat B, Spartans B, Select A, Heat N, Magic P, Titans B, Heat F, Lightning N
Crossfire Ronning11-9Comets Elite, Lightning L, Heat Nord, Matrix, Legacy, WOTN MHeat B, Titans Brod, Fury Z, Rush, D1 Mofitt, Select G
Comets K6-15Select Mc, Heat Nord, Tyus 14s Crossfire R, Heat B (x2), Rush (x2), Magic Premier, Rise, Select A, D1 Moffitt, Fury Z, Heat PBJ (x2)
Select McCullough9-16WC United, Magic, Heat B, E1T1 P, E1T1 E, Heat J, Heat NHeat Jones, Lightning N, WOTN S, Select F, Gain Elite, Sizzle Jones, Rip City
Magic Premier8-8Comets Elite, WCU Regional, Fury M, Heat JWOTN M, Get Shook, Heat PBJ, Heat N, Titans B, Cougars, Select A, Heat F
Heat Jones9-17Select Mc, Select R, WOTN Sch, Magic EliteCrossfire B, Fury M, N Lakers, Lightning N, WOTN S, RP Ramos, Magic P (x2), Select Mc, Select F, Rush, Cougars
Heat Nord9-17WC United, Rip City, Matrix, Fury M, Magic PD1 MN 14s, Crossfire R, Select A, Lightning L, Fury M, Titans B, Comets Elite, Tyus 14s, Select Mc, Fury M23
WOTN Scheevel21-6Heat S, Rip City, Select Mc, Magic P, Phenom R, Heat J, Heat B, Select Reyes (x2), Magic E, Sizzle Train,Swish, WC U Select, Heat Jones, Lakers, Crossfire R
Select Fuerte16-8Heat F, Lightning L, Select Mc, E1T1 E, E1T1 P, Heat Jones, Sizzle Suggs, Crossfire R, Lightning N, Real Phenom R, WOTN S
Starks Elite12-6Heat H, Comets G, Magic Elite, Heat F, WC United S, MatrixE1T1 P, D1 MN Mofitt
Comets Grigsby13-13Magic G, Heat T,, Nice, Swish R, WC Wildcats, Crossfire BStarks Elite, Real Phenom, Magic, Lightning N, Swish D, N Lakers, Heat PBJ
Real Phenom Ross6-5Comets G, Heat Berg, Legacy, RiseLightning N, Rush, Crossfire B (x2)
West Central United Select6-5Starks Elite, Rip City, Heat B, WOTN SHeat F, Cougars
Real Phenom 7-9Select F, Heat Jones, Rip City, Spartans BCentral C, Northstar Titans B, WOTN S, Heat P
WOTN Mitchell6-14Magic Pemeir, Crossfire BRush (x2), LIghtning L (x2), Gain Elite, Fury Z, D1 Moffett, Crossfire R, N Lakers
E1T1 Premier7-16Starks Elite, Suns, E1T1 Elite, Sizzle TrainD1 MN Mofitt, E1T1 E, Select Mc, Heat Schultz, Select F, Sizzle Suggs
Swish Dahl6-6WC2, Heat T, WOTN S, Wildcats, Comets GSelect F, Lightning N, N Lakers, Swish R
Matrix7-16Rip City, Lace Up, Lakes, Crossfire R, Heat Nord, E1T1 E, Select FWC United, Heat F, Northstar Titans B, Crossfire B, Starks E, Crossfire R, WOTN Sc
Playmakers North5-9Sizzle Suggs, ThunderMagic Elite, Exposure, D1 Moffit, Spartans, Chill
WC United Regional2-10MatrixSelect Mc, Heat Nord, SW Stars
E1T1 Elite1-15E1TI PSelect Mc, Matrix, Heat J, Select F, E1T1 P
Grassroots Sizzle Suggs8-9Heat Berg, E1T1Comets G, Pulley 14s, Get Shook, Select F, Thunder, Playmakers, Chill
Heat Dimond11-12Swarm, Magic Elite (x2), Select RStarks Elite. Exposure, Sizzle T, WOTN H
Magic Elite9-14Exposure, Playmakers N, Rip City, Comets G, WOTN HComets G, Starks Elite, Select Mc, Heat Berg, Heat D, Swarm, Heat D, WOTN Sch, D1 Moffit, Stars, Lightning N, Heat J
Exposure6-1Playmakers N, Heat D,Magic Elite
Rip City4-13Heat T, Select Mc, Sizzle BMatrix, Heat Nord, Heat S, WOTN S, Magic, Playmakers Smith, WC United S
Lace Up1-5Matrix, Crossfire B

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