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This month we introduce our updated Class of 2022 rankings!! Rankings are subjective and ranks purely upon potential and where the player will be at their basketball peak.  Production factors in only when helping prove the potential is greater or lesser.  Why did we rank these guys?  Why are they at this spot?  Take a look at five Class of 2022 prospects and learn a little about their reputation.

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Gioppino Basketball clip art#146 Andtrayvin Stewart Andtrayvin Stewart 5'10" | PG Bolivar Central | 2022 State TN (Bolivar Central)

Shooter. Undersized combo guard.  It is tough to call him a shooting guard at his size, but Bolivar features so many guards and he usually only gets to finish the plays instead of initiate.  A little timid in the lane.  Stewart’s role will grow tremendously since volume scorer JaQuan Lax JaQuan Lax 6'1" | PG Bolivar Central | 2021 State TN (Freed-Hardeman) and Trevorius Henderson graduated.

Gioppino Basketball clip art#147 Andrew Lamuno Andrew Lamuno 5'11" | PG Ravenwood | 2022 TN (Ravenwood)

Facing the elite teams in D 11AAA, Ravenwood must play with their unmatched balance.  While Andrew is not the gaudy scorer of Reed Kemp Reed Kemp 6'0" | PG Franklin | 2021 State TN  or the strong, sizable guard of  John Windley John Windley 6'4" | PG Brentwood | 2021 State TN ,, he is fast and dynamic.  Andrew uses his slight frame and plus footspeed to keep the defender retreating.  Andrew makes relatively solid choices when he gets into the danger spots.  As a team, Ravenwood is exceptional at making the extra pass.  Andrew is one of the players that thrives with this style.

Gioppino Basketball clip art#148 Sean Williams Sean Williams 5'9" | PG Battle Ground Academy | 2022 State TN (Battle Ground Academy)

High basketball I.Q. Sean makes things happen.  He is quick, not shockingly quick but effectively quick.  When the junior guard is able to escape his defender, which is often, he instantly becomes a terror in the decisive space of the high key.  Sean sees the floor like a dream and loves to make the flashy pass to his bigs.  Sean pressures the ball with passion and promise all over the floor.  If the team extends to the fullcourt press, then he becomes especially animated.

Gioppino Basketball clip art#149 Ethan Overstreet Ethan Overstreet 6'2" | PG Page | 2022 State TN (Page)

Page High was a young. middle-of-the-pack team in 2021.  Their six district wins earned them fourth place, ahead of Independence, Centennial, Summit, Dickson County, and Spring Hill.  For the Page Patriots Ethan provided a nice catch-and-shoot option.  He managed to bury a quartet of three-pointers against Summertown. For EO to become a college-level guard he must expand his dribbling package.  Incorporating more shifty moves and quickness with the ball in his possession will be key. Ethan summoned a modest 7 ppg with 3 apg.  He also plays baseball.

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Gioppino Basketball clip art#150 Tyler Moser Tyler Moser 6'4" | PF Wayne County | 2022 State TN (Wayne County)

Tyler Moser Tyler Moser 6'4" | PF Wayne County | 2022 State TN easily led Wayne County High School Wildcats in scoring at 15.8 points per game.  His 8.1 rebounds a night hints at two important aspects of Moser’s existence in Wayne County.  First. Tyler is an animal on the glass and secondly 12A is not a district with much size along the frontlines.  Measuring Tyler’s 8.1 rpg against, for example, Brandon Miller Brandon Miller 6'8" | SF Cane Ridge | 2022 State #13 Nation TN ’s 8.4 rpg is hardly apples to apples.  What Moser does he does very well.  He finishes well around the rim.  Moser is a solid rebounder…obviously.  In his junior season, Moser really struggled from the free throw line (52% 66-126).  This must improve.  No excuse for it.  Tyler Moser Tyler Moser 6'4" | PF Wayne County | 2022 State TN projects as a 6-foot-4 forward.  Limited range. Wonderfully tenacious. 

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