Posted On: 05/13/21 4:44 PM

The Prep Hoops Circuit was in five different locations the first weekend of May.  Here are the best of the best from the Prep Hoops Circuit, Session 6. 

Ashton Atwater Ashton Atwater 6'0" | CG Otsego | 2022 State MI of MBA National (MI).   Atwater is a skilled and quick lefty point guard that has been labeled as a winner.  His high school team has brought home a pair of recent league titles, his 17u team continues to win games weekend after weekend, and Atwater does it all as a leader on the floor and in the classroom.  One of the best ball handlers on the Prep Hoops Circuit and when it comes to his initial reads Atwater ranks with the best.  Simply put Ashton’s team’s win with him as the leader. 

Patrick Burke of Tri-City Elite (AL).  Numbers.  In the Atlanta event Patrick Burke was about numbers.  This lefty with swagger had games of 36 points, 23 points, 31 points, and finished things off with a 27 point game.  Simply put, he wants to take the shot and has the confidence to make the shot at any point.  He’s a point guard that can create but he can also hit in the clutch.  Burke sent in a contested shot on the left wing at the buzzer to push his team to one overtime win.  Burke was an All Tournament team headliner and is now an All Session Team headliner. 

Jake Lifgren Jake Lifgren 6'1" | PG Centennial | 2022 State AZ of Arizona Factory (AZ).  The top individual performance from the Bash in the Desert was the 34 point explosion from Jake Lifgren Jake Lifgren 6'1" | PG Centennial | 2022 State AZ .  Jake’s stroke is one of the prettiest on the Circuit.  If you let him set his feet, your team will pay.  If you close out correctly, it may not be enough.  And if you close out too strong, Jake has one of the quickest and most polished one/two dribble attack games you will see into a pull-up.  The start of the Bash, and All-Session 6 player nation wide.  

Jaylen Peeler of KC Spurs Black (MO).  The KC Spurs win games in a team way and they always do.  Their recent Prep Hoops Circuit performances have been another example of a tradition that has been set and just about any of their starters could of earned this spot.  Why Peeler?  Because of his steady all around play game to game.  Some games Peeler was the player that made the headlines, other games he was helping putting guys in position to be headliners.  

Ahmed Soumahoro Ahmed Soumahoro 6'3" | SG Berkmar | 2022 State GA of Quiet Storm (GA).  Looking to watch one of the most explosive players on the Prep Hoops Circuit?  That would be Ahmed Soumahoro Ahmed Soumahoro 6'3" | SG Berkmar | 2022 State GA .  If he is anywhere near you as you go to the basket, your shot attempt is not safe.   If you are trying to board with him, you are not safe.  If you are helping down to Ahmed’s basket attack, you most certainly aren’t safe and may want to take cover.  The in-game dunk reels of what he did at the A-Town Showdown are now the stuff of legend, but just in case you hadn’t seen……


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