Posted On: 05/12/21 4:40 PM

Cameron Carroll (Razorbacks Elite/South Grand Prairie HS- 2025) As one of the younger players at Mayhem at the Plex, Cameron Carroll stood out as a player with some of the highest upside going forward. Carroll has advanced isolation dribble moves that should help him be a high level slasher on the high school level. With the ball in his hands, he has a quick handle that keeps defenders on their toes. He displayed an effective hesitation left to right crossover to get by defenders, as well as effective between the legs combinations. Carroll’s an aerobatic finisher at the rim, finishing at numerous angles. He also showed to ability to be a knockdown shooter with space. Even as a current 8th grader, Carroll has decent size as a high school lead guard if he doesn’t grow much more. If he does grow and ends up playing more off the ball, he has the skills & scoring ability to be an effective combo guard.

Elijah Guidry (North Houston Bandits/Houston MacArthur- 2024) You can watch Guidry for a couple of possessions and tell he’s played varsity basketball already. His feel in the PNR was beyond any other 15U point guard at Mayhem in the Plex. His pace & deceptiveness were impressive. As he gets more experience, his angling coming off ball screens will improve as well as his decisiveness in whether to score or pass on a given possession. He showed glimpses of being able to create pull-ups for himself but will need to be more efficient in his shot making and mechanics. Guidry’s pull-ups should come easier as he gets stronger but he should get as many reps shooting the basketball as he can to perfect his mechanics. If he can grow taller, his ability to find shooters on the weak side as he comes off screens should be able to improve as well.

Jonah Johnson (Nike ProSkills SA/Steele HS- 2024) Johnson was featured as one of my standout players from Mayhem in the Plex. He also might have the highest potential from this past weekend. Johnson already has the makings of being an effective two-way player on the high school level but he has a build that indicates that can grow taller than his already over 6’3 frame. While growth in height & skill development is no guarantee, if Johnson can grow taller & as a ball handler while keeping his knockdown shooting ability and intensity on defense, he will get some real interest from the next level.

Arinze Ubawike (YB33/Allen HS- 2024) Arinze Ubawike showed the ability to be an effective all around scorer when given the opportunity. Offensively, Ubawike is comfortable handling the ball against pressure & can be a go-to scorer for a couple possessions at a time. He can also play off the ball with other good players and not lose his rhythm if he doesn’t see the ball for stretches. He can hit open jumpers & had one of the best pull-up games from this past weekend. Ubawike is one to watch if he’s able to grow and continue to hone his skills.



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