Posted On: 05/12/21 9:46 AM

James Beckett (Team Devoted/Marcus HS-2024) James Beckett is a combo guard with long limbs with the potential to be a effective two-way player on the high school level. Defensively, Beckett flies around- seemingly never running out of energy. He can play at the top of full court traps- using his long limbs & budding athleticism to cause turnovers. He can shoot the three off the catch, as well as doing a good job of playing off two feet when slashing. Offensively, Beckett has the potential to be an all around scorer- especially as he grows and gets more comfortable handling the ball.

Jalen Hynes (Team Devoted/Hebron HS- 2024) Jalen Hynes played more of the lead guard spot for Team Devoted and displayed his upside as well. He also flew around defensively and competed hard throughout the weekend. Offensively, Hynes displayed quick between the legs dribbles to keep defenders guessing and a quick first step to get by them. He’s an unselfish player that also has good touch around the rim. If playing off the ball, Hynes can hit an open three. He should continue crafting his ball handling skills as he has the ability to develop an effective pull up game. While still developing, Hynes has potential as a two-way guard that can play on or off the ball in a pinch.

Djuan “DJ” Johnson II (YB33/All Saints Episcopal of Fort Worth HS- 2024)  “DJ” was arguably the best 2024 player at Mayhem in the Plex and has one of the highest upside as well. While already being a good athlete, he has the frame to continue getting stronger. He also has limbs that indicate he may grow a few inches taller in the future as well. His game is already at a good stage development wise with his defense, slashing ability, athleticism & IQ. If he can grow more physically and continue expanding his footwork, ball handling & jump shot, he’ll have a tough decision to make in regards to what sport to choose long term.

Dillon Watt (YB33/Greenhill HS- 2024) Dillon Watt is a small but tough point guard with excellent feel. He’s an above average ball handler that plays with good pace and a bit of skip to keep defenders off balance. He plays the role of floor general with a high IQ- using his handle, quickness & passing talent to draw help & get good shots for his teammates. Despite his size, Watt showed a willingness to fight bigger players for 50-50 balls- whether it be in the air or on the floor. Defensively, Watt is an excellent on-ball defender- using his excellent feet & anticipation to draw charges on the ball, get deflections & blanket ball handlers. As Watt continues to grow physically & as a player, he’ll be one to keep an eye on. 

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