Posted On: 05/29/21 1:15 PM

Alex Christo Alex Christo 6'0" | PG Boone Central | 2023 NE | Boone Central

What stands out most in Christo’s Hudl tape is his handle. He keeps the ball tight to his body, and often keeps his body in between the ball and defender. Whether he’s crossing it over or simply taking the ball up the court, he keeps that ball low and secure. He is currently listed as a point guard on his profile, but I will probably change that to combo guard after seeing his off-ball ability. When running around screens he gets low and hugs that screen hard to peel off his defender. This is a case of the Prospect Index leading to a new discovery, because I had not heard of Christo before the submission.

Barrett Olson Barrett Olson 6'3" | SF York | 2023 NE | York

When a player does not have exceptional athleticism or blistering speed to create space and hit shots, they must adopt a few tricks to keep defenders off balance and guessing. Without the ball, Olson identifies relaxed or distracted defenders and cuts appropriately. When he gets the ball near the rim he will initiate contact to bump his defender and create space. He improved the efficiency and consistency of his shooting motion from

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