Posted On: 05/29/21 9:15 AM

The Cream City Collision in the Milwaukee suburban area had lot of Friday night headlines.  Here are some of the Friday Night headliners!

Quentin Bolton Quentin Bolton 6'5" | SF Shoreland Lutheran | 2021 State WI Jr of Playground Warriors PH (Shoreland Lutheran, WI, 6’6, Forward, 2021).  Regardless if Bolton is at a prep school next year or a college, he’s a name to keep an eye on.  Bolton was the tallest player on the floor in last night’s PGC overtime win over WOTN, so he had to rebound and Bolton did that with a dozen boards.  He also limited a very good WOTN power big to 5 of 12 shooting and five boards which in itself was a huge accomplishment.  Getting to the d-boards and keeping length on his man was something that won’t be talked about, but was crucial  What will be talked about was the seven scores Bolton had (17 points).  Using his length, Bolton scored six of his seven shots with his perimeter touch including three threes and a buzzer beating triple that sent the game to overtime.  Bolton had a 225 pound player pushing on him at the arc but Bolton was able to quickly turn away from his man, square up, and touch in a three from the deep corner while falling away a bit.  An incredible shot that is a great example of the potential he has.  Skilled agile size.

Kyle Haas of WOTN (Prior Lake, MN, 6’0 PG, 2022). Kyle Haas put together one of the greatest passing performances in Prep Hoops Circuit history last night.  Assists on his team’s first seven scores, a dozen first half assists, and 16 assists for the game would certainly rank high in the PH Circuit record books.  The best part about the ball movement of Haas was his timing and vision.  Kyle found cutters behind the PGC defense with regularity, he zipped in two hand passes to players that allowed no reaction time for the defense, Haas used a dribble to find the angle for a fastball delivery, and he made it easy for shooters to catch and drain.  Memorable performance. 

Sam Hoffman Sam Hoffman 6'3" | SG Farmington | 2022 State MN of WOTN (Farmington, MN. 6’3 SG, 2022).  I feel that Sam Hoffman Sam Hoffman 6'3" | SG Farmington | 2022 State MN is playing himself into a fantastic division three basketball opportunity.  Everybody needs shooters, and Hoffman is certainly a shooter.  In every game I’ve seen WOTN play this year or heard about, Hoffman is making three/four triples, at least.  And he’s not just a “made four threes, scored 12 for the game” guy.  Hoffman is also a very active player who finds ways to add to his totals with activity.  Totaled 19 points and seven boards against a good team. 

Javion Otten of Grand Rapids Thunder 16u (Kenona Hills, MI, 6’4 Wing, 2023).  Otten may not have wowed the scorebook but you can tell that he’s a reliant scorer for this team.  A guy they can count on to get the team shots and score in double digits consistently like he did last night in a Thunder win.  He grabs his share of boards, Otten is a consistent scoring weapon, and his size and agility at the 16u level is both tough to slow down, and tough to move around.  We also a saw a couple hints of explosion in going to the rim, collecting boards, and getting off the ground to contest. 

Andre Renta Andre Renta 6'0" | PG Hudson | 2022 State WI of PM Showcase (Hudson, WI, 6’0 PG, 2022). I was able to catch some of the 19 point game that Renta had and some of the plays Renta made me hit rewind to watch them again.  What was seen?  One of the sharpest, nastiest crossovers I’ve seen this spring but more than that, Renta put a second move after the crossover on the help defenders and fried them too.  A lefty scorer that extends with that left or hits jumpers with that left while the defense is still trying to get used how to defend him.  The way Renta uses his body to shield is that of a bucket crafting player and don’t forget about that right hand too because he can extend and finish that way as well.  Also a tough on ball defender. 

Daniel Robinson Daniel Robinson 6'0" | CG Waukesha South | 2023 State WI of Playground Warriors PH (Waukesha South, WI, 6’1 Combo Guard, 2023).    The most efficient player on the floor in a fantastic WOTN vs PGC game that went into overtime was Daniel Robinson Daniel Robinson 6'0" | CG Waukesha South | 2023 State WI .  In simple terms, Robinson was simply too fast for WOTN to move with.  Halfcourt attacks beating positioned defenders around the corner, or the full court attacking game winner that was kissed high off the glass from a tough angle, it was all about Robinson’s explosive speed with the basketball.  Robinson had another gear than all the players facing him which led to the 22 points and five assists on 10 of 20 shooting. 

JT Thornton of WOTN 16U (Lakeville North, MN, 6’3 Wing, 2023). There is so much to like about Thornton, I have to believe he’s going to follow this strong 16u season with a really nice role for the Panthers.  There is so much to like about what JT brings!  I would have to watch him more in great detail (and not on a constantly pausing feed) to know his true position defensive ability game to game, but from what I can see Thornton is a regularly active defensive game changer.  Thornton is an agile, athletic player that really puts his physical gifts to good use by playing hard.  Gets to scoring spaces regularly.  The play that I won’t soon forget was the late game tip in JT had vaulting over two guys to tap the ball in about eight inches above the rim.  Incredible basket for a hard working talent. 


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