Posted On: 05/24/21 9:45 AM

The 2021s have been a great class, enduring the pandemic and performing like champs for their high schools and club programs. Prep Hoops is sending them off with one last update to the rankings.

After revising the list several times over the past couple of years, there isn’t as much dramatic movement. But a few guys who had big senior seasons made significant leaps.

Luke Williams Luke Williams 5'10" | PG Olathe South | 2021 State KS (pictured), point guard for Olathe South, takes the honor for the biggest jump in the ranks. Take a look at where he wound up.

Nate Johnson Nate Johnson 6'3" | CG KC Washington | 2021 State KS , combo guard from KC-Washington, exploded into the upper echelon of this year’s rankings. See where he landed. And be sure to see a guy that flew under the Prep Hoops radar – Lucas Hammeke Lucas Hammeke 6'0" | PG Hutchinson Trinity | 2021 State KS of Hutchinson Trinity – get his proper recognition in the ranks.

Click here to see the Kansas 2021 Player Rankings

This is the first update of the Kansas 2021 Player Rankings since Feb. 22, 2021, and it will be the final update of this class.

Stay tuned for articles about highest risers and new additions to the list.


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