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The big number guys?  Most of the time that was the twos in KC.  Here is a sampling of the best of the best from Prep Hoops Live. 

Eddrin Bronson of Judah Nation (6’3, Tampa Catholic HS, FL, 2023).  If there’s a 2023 from the KC event that I think will make a big jump soon, it’s Eddrin Bronson.  His ability to push and finish in a near certain way in the open floor first grabbed my attention.  Then seeing him attack and lift away comfortably to spots that couldn’t be defended, I was stunned at how tough Bronson was for people to guard. Tampa talent that shot 38 percent from the arc this winter. 

Ryan Cornwell of EG10 (6’3, Pike HS, IN, 2022).   Where should we put this combo, the ones or the twos?  The answer?  Wherever.  Ryan was one of the elite players in Kansas City and his team went 4-1 with Cornwell leading the way.  Nobody stopped him from getting to the rim and when I watched Cornwell play against D1 Minnesota he had them completely confused knocking out three triples and scoring on a first half binge that kept the separation between two good teams.  Simply put, Cornwell was the difference maker. Against everybody he faced. 

Zaid Dajani of SSA (6’4, Olathe Northwest HS, KS, 2022). Zaid had a huge weekend averaging 22 points and six boards a game pushing SSA to a 4-1 record on the weekend.  SSA defeated the South Dakota Attack, OWE, and others with Dajani scoring on half his threes and almost 60 percent of his overall attempts!  South Dakota State, Lehigh, U of Mary, Washburn, and Fory Hays are on him and more will be soon. 

Jack Janicki of D1 Minnesota 16s (6’4, White Bear Lake HS, MN, 2023). Jack is playing in a way that is about to take the hold on the second prospect spot in this class of Minnesota sophomores. Jack is shooting with a heavy confidence and teammates have that same confidence in him. His shooting touch coming from a big frame with good lift has a lot of division one schools talking. Intelligent, skill, and confidence, a hell of a combo.

Greg Jenkins of EG10 (6’3, Lawrence Central HS, IN, 2023).  One of my favorite players to watch this weekend was Greg Jenkins.  He had the ice to making the game clinching three against D1 Minnesota and the chill to score on 90 plus percent of his foul shots.  The ability to stop on a dime to lift into a shot and the fire to rebound his share.  Throw in the patience to take only the right shot and the vision to create for others.  Jenkins averaged 17 points, four rebounds, and four assists this winter and that’s about what he did in the two we watched as well.  If Jenkins needs a hoop reference I’m here for him as he made me a believer. 

Lincoln Kienholz of South Dakota Attack (6’4, Pierre HS, SD, 2023).  I did not expect to see the athleticism from Lincoln against top athletes from the south that I did.  Lincoln lifted off the ground ahead of other players to get to get to the cup to finish and it seemed to surprise everyone.  Great lift on his jumper, he’s a two footer leaper that is tough to match in the air, and the type of athlete that can develop into something special.  

Cael Lundin of South Dakota Attack (6’3, Tea Area HS, SD, 2022). Lundin has one of the better first steps off the catch that you will see.  He went at the rim plus hit jumpers against the athletes of OWA leading to an offer from Briar Cliff soon after the weekend was over.  Cael is coming off an 18 point per game season and he scored consistently against strong competition in KC 

Donavan Seamster of OWE (6’2, Woodlawn-Shreveport HS, LA, 2022).  Seamster shot 47 percent as a sophomore giving him the title as one of the best shooters in the state – if not the best – and he followed that with 16 points a game this year as a junior.  Donavan twice hit six or more threes this weekend pouring in triples including the 22 points he had in a nice win over South Dakota Attack and the nine, I repeat NINE threes he sunk on Sunday.  Looking for a shooter, Donavan is your guy!

Tanner Te Slaa of South Dakota Attack (6’4, Boyden-Hull HS, IA, 2022). Tanner is division one offered and is coming off of a Player of the Year season in the state of Iowa.  How did he look?  Like he didn’t miss a beat.  There was nobody that could stop Tanner from getting to his shot regardless of where he was.  OWA is an athletic team from Louisiana but none of their players could stop Tanner from scoring 21 and hitting four threes.  Used his size to rebound well (7), pushed the ball, ran the team, and was the main scoring option.  The skill, size, and feel at combo guard set tanner apart from others like him. 

Leo Torbor of Minnesota Select Ohnstad (6’3, Park Center HS, MN, 2022). Don’t be surprised when Leo all of a sudden is getting scholarship interest from division one schools at a level you weren’t expecting. Leo has explosive athletic ability that few players can match. It’s not just the highlight dunks but the basket attacks are so tough to move with and defensively Torbor has the potential to be elite in the state. He’s the second best prospect Select has on a loaded team that is 8-0. He’s good for 4-5 scores, 5-6 boards, and a ton of defense every game.

Joseph Udomouh of Tulsa Hawks (6’3, Victory Christian HS, OK, 2022).  Coaches love active, and Joseph Udomouh is active.  At 6-foot-3 guys couldn’t stop him from battling to the glass for guard rebounds.  Defensively there were many times that Joseph changed the games with his pressure creating turnovers and bad plays forced because of his efforts. Joseph also shot the ball really well at the arc. Had 16 points and six boards against D1 Minnesota. 

Dylan Wheeler of Minnesota Heat MacDonald (6’3, Mounds View HS, MN, 2022). One of the hottest shooters in the city of Kansas City was Wheeler, a player with a couple D2 offers. Facing the athletes from Showtime Elite Dylan exploded for five first half threes and scored 20 points for the game. Later that night Wheeler then hit another batch of triples to get the Heat ahead of the Gateway Knights for a 13 point win. The Heat won three games in KC with Wheeler leading the way.

Christian Williams of International Elite (6’3, Trinity Academy HS, OR, 2021).  The most helpless looks I saw on the faces of defenders this weekend may have been the kids trying to defend Christian Williams on Saturday night.  Williams knocked out five triples and scored 23 in the late night session taking over the game. Matured player that seemed to take contact with enjoyment before putting numbers on the board.  I think we are going to hear more about this guard in the near future. 


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