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Posted On: 04/26/21 4:16 PM

What bigs caught our eye in Kansas City and should jump on your list of potential recruits?  Here’s my list! 

Carter Bjerke Carter Bjerke 6'8" | PF Wayzata | 2022 State MN of D1 Minnesota Prospects (6’8, Wayzata HS, MN, 2022).  Carter is your pick and pop four.  He’s your high percentage stretch big that forces a player of size to step out and guard him, or allow a player like Bjerke to sink threes in a 50 percent plus comfortable way.  I thought Carter did a much better job rebounding the ball this weekend as well.  Had a strong 13 points and nine rebounds in a good win over the Tulsa Hawks.  A division one player for sure, especially for a team that wants their bigs to clear space and then stretch the court. 

KJ Debrick of Illinois Hoopstars (6’10, BigTyme Sports Prep, TX, 2022). I love the way Debrick takes the space he wants.  Debrick has no problem pivoting his elbows and frame right into you to get the space he wants.  Loves the contact, loves the battle.  Debrick seems to force you to fight with him, or get out of the way.   Division one teams that love a low post mountain of physical movement around the basket should make the call. Collects double-doubles for fun, had 16 and 12 versus Dallas Showtyme. 

Shilo Jackson of EG10 (6’9, North Central, IN, 2022).   Shilo looks to me like a player that has the modern day frame and agility that coaches want defending ball screens and contesting size to the perimeter.  Jackson is quick to get length to a shot attempt and even quicker to seek out a block or board that can become his.  The perimeter agility is enough that Shilo could guard fours at a good level of college basketball in the future while scoring active buckets for his team.  

Ahjany Lee Ahjany Lee 6'9" | PF Byron | 2022 State #124 Nation MN of D1 Minnesota Prospects (6’10, Byron HS, MN, 2022). The Prospects lost a couple games early but then bounced back with three wins in five games.  Any idea why?  I’ll give you a big reason why. The activity of Ahjany picked up collecting 15 points and 15 boards in one game, another 17 and 11 in a game that followed, and then 8 and 9 in the last contest being the Tulsa Hawks.  Lee runs as well as just about any big he gets that extreme length in the way of players he’s helping to, as well as on to the ball.  Ahjany scored actively at the rim and his back to the basket game was excellent.  He scored with the left shoulder turn into a one hand hook or he fell away and showed a great touch on a nearly impossible to stop fade out of the post.  Excellent end to the weekend for one of the event’s top prospects. 

Jackson Loge Jackson Loge 6'8" | PF Morris Area | 2022 State MN of Minnesota Fury (6’8, Morris Area HS, MN, 2022).  It will be hard for you to find another player that uses the pivot as well as Jackson Loge Jackson Loge 6'8" | PF Morris Area | 2022 State MN .  His up fakes with the pivot, the up and under, and the touch out of the post move are all outstanding.  Loge can use either hand to finish and he turns over both shoulders very well.  Also an excellent face-up touch with a good feel for passing out of the post.  Had a pair of 16 points games beating good teams and the way Fury shares the ball that’s a big total.  A certain D1 talent, I think Loge will start attracting a ton of mid-major interest plus, the way Loge uses that pivot and is comfortable away from the bucket, could a high major group start sniffing around?  Possible. 

Bright Okongwu of Beyond Ball (6’11, 2021).  I’ve seen Bright listed for so many schools I’m not sure where he was recently but I do know he is coming off a prep school year and he’s a guy that just moves people.  No issues whatsoever when it comes to putting his frame into people to board, finish, or get position.  A division one team looking for an old school power big that moves people that’s Bright. 

Pharrel Payne Pharrel Payne 6'8" | C Park of Cottage Grove | 2022 State MN of Minnesota Select (6’9, Park of Cottage Grove HS, MN, 2022).  Payne had the best weekend of any of the bigs that I saw in Kansas City.  He led his team to a 4-0 record (Select won the Comets Shootout last weekend as well so they are 8-0) through two weekends of play.  Payne runs ahead of the pack including the guards, he’s so quick off his feet to use his length and meet the ball after it comes off his man’s hand or he smashes shots in help defense when he’s the player stepping over.  Usually hits a three a game and around the basket his shoulder turn continues to be balanced into a nice touch completion.  Payne is 100 percent a future high major basketball player and he saved his best performance for last scoring 24 of his team’s 48 in a three point win over Oklahoma Chaos.  One of the hottest recruiting names in the Midwest. 

Logan Schayes of D1 New Mexico Ambassadors (6’7, Bella Vista Prep, AZ, 2022).  Logan is of course the son of Danny Schayes so it’s no surprise that both games we saw him this weekend, Logan was approaching 20 points and leading his team down the stretch of a close game.  Logan – who is originally from Colorado and played his prep ball in Arizona this year – used his 235 pounds well on the block securing deep position and then using his leverage to turn no a guy to finish while securing his spot.  

Logan Theiby of International Elite (6’10, Wilsonville HS, OR).  I was impressed with how Theiby held guys on his shoulder and then easily found his way to the boards.  The amount of second chance scores the guards had because of the way Logan offensive rebounded should earn him some free meals from his guards.  The ball screens were massive and the rebounding numbers were strong. 

Charlie Williams Charlie Williams 6'10" | PF Carmel | 2022 State #216 Nation IN of Team Teague (6’10, Carmel HS, IN).  I loved the hands of Charlie Williams Charlie Williams 6'10" | PF Carmel | 2022 State #216 Nation IN .  After seeing the way he passed the ball, showed off touch from the block, mid-range, and facing from 18, and the way he caught passes on the move, Williams impressed.  He was pulling boards away from long athletes using those strong hands and then quickly getting to the next play.  Had 17 points, seven boards, and four assists against a D1 Minnesota frontline that has three nationally ranked players and he outplayed them all in that game.  I expect the college interest for Williams to soar soon.  

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