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The Big Wings in Kansas City were outstanding.  Here is a sampling of the best of the best from Prep Hoops Live. 

Dominic Commissio of Young N Reckless (6’8 Hononegah HS, IL, 2022).   There is a lot of promise to the game of Dominic Commissio.  Really good size at 6-foot-8 that good D1 Minnesota players had trouble stopping from making plays.  Puts the ball on the deck really well for his position and moves the ball well (had four assists in the game we saw) plus finished five times on seven shots against a team that was full of division one talents. 

Treysen Eaglestaff of D1 Minnesota (6’6 Bismarck HS, ND, 2022).  This was a big step up for Eaglestaff and he handled the level of play much better than I expected.  Had three games hitting three triples and did it without a blink.  Loved his confident approach and lack of fear playing against division one level talent.  Great first impression. 

Camden Heide of D1 Minnesota (6’7 Wayzata HS, MN, 2022).  Camden is a strong shooter for Wayzata/D1 Minnesota and that’s huge because he can play the three and shoot over the top most guys that defend him. But just as important is Cam’s ability to catch and attack a rotating defense.  He can get to that first dribble and hit a pull-up or he can get a step to the rim and explode with two hands over the help defenders.  The ability to finish about the rim is there, or of course make from the perimeter. 

Caden Hinker of South Dakota Attack (6’7, Mitchell HS, SD, 2022).  Hinker can face up and hit jumpers, or play with his back to the basket.  One of the players that can impact a game without having to force his offense on somebody.   A really good passer, a strong rebounder, and can play up front but has the skills to play away from the cup.  A player that you could see get mid-major interest and a lot of low major stuff for sure. 

Buom Jock of D1 Minnesota Prospects (6’5, Mankato West HS, MN, 2022).  Jock made his first impression nationally with his explosive finishing and the way he moves.  Now Jock is making an impression with his activity and when you combine that with the athletic ability we spoke of, this is a prospect ready to be talking to college coaches about his future.  Had 18 points and seven boards against the Tulsa Hawks making 9 of 13 shots and this was the type of game Jock gave the Prospects all weekend. Too athletic and active to rotate to or retreat to. 

Joshua Ola-Joseph of D1 Minnesota (6’6, Osseo HA, MN, 2022).  I feel like we’ve been waiting on the breakout weekend from Josh and this may have been it.  He has all the measures of a high major prospect: length, agility, explosive bounce, and the right size.  What people have been waiting for is consistency and regular active play.  We saw that this weekend especially in the second game for D1 Minnesota.  Remember, this is a team that had a five game losing streak and was looking at a sixth loss, then Ola-Joseph exploded.  Five straight scores, four of them dunks, and Ola-Joseph’s activity on the defensive end both in the halfcourt and the full court press made the difference.  Ola-Joseph could now explode as a prospect, schools from all D1 levels should get a look.  

Jevin Sullivan

Jevin Sullivan of Beyond Ball (6’5, North Polk, IA, 2022). The 40% Club.  What is it?  It’s something I’ve started at Prep Hoops talking high school basketball players that can routinely hit 40 percent of their threes over a long period of time.  Jevin did that this winter scoring 20 a game on 40 percent three point shooting plus he used his size to grab seven boards a game.  We saw a lot of that in Kansas City this weekend especially when he scored 14 with a couple threes and attacks, plus that behind the back pass on the move that put the game away.  Steady, strong player that can routinely hit. 

Jason Thirdkill Jr of Dallas Showtyme (6’7, Carrollton, TX, 2022). One of the elite performances of the weekend was the 25 points and 12 rebounds that Thirdkill had shooting 10 of 12 from the field against the Hoopstars in a battle to the end. Thirdkill produced with the jumper, with a massive putback, and some great defense in that victory, as well as several others. Showtyme played four close games and won three of them in KC. At 6-foot-8 Thirdkill did everything that both a top small forward and a top power forward would do. So versatile and always active.

Caleb Young of Judah Nation (6’5, Pensacola, FL, 2022).  Young has been a guard all his life so the feel and skill are there but he keeps growing!  This is a player that can give you a three guard look without taking away from a starting line-up of size or he can make your team really big by playing at a guard spot.  Really good handles and a good athlete, scored 16 against D1 Minnesota and 18 in the following game we saw.  Impressive potential that continues to grow, in more ways than one. 

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