Posted On: 04/28/21 10:51 AM

We take a look here at the next group of 13 more eye-openers I was able to get eyes on from the 15U division at Prep Hoops Live this past weekend from outside KC.

Semaj Bethea | PG | NEBC | 2024

Right with Talyn Jackson for most polished and varsity-ready PG’s that I saw, was just a step better than most he faced, had an advanced game with a serious handle and all the slick moves to get to the basket and finish with flair, head on a swivel he was clearly one of the best passers of the weekend, under 6-0 but that mattered little and his impressive 28 points Saturday vs 816 Varsity was something to watch.

Kordell Philemon | SF | NEBC | 2024

Knew NEBC was going to be tough and versatile after seeing their 2025’s play in Indianapolis at our NEXT event, Philemon was a great complement to Bethea as a 1-2 punch with his length at around 6-3 and ability to catch and finish cat-quick near the hoop, he was quick off the deck and strong to power through contact, stepped out and showed his perimeter range as well from 3, added 21

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