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Posted On: 04/30/21 3:25 PM

The Spring/Summer season enters it's third weekend and we've tabulated records.  Here is what we have amassed so far. 

Note 1.  This is not an easy chore.  It's a lot of looking to the left, memorizing, and typing to the right.  I surely have made some mistakes in my listing of approximately 150 teams.  You can drop me a note on twitter if I made a mistake.  If you team isn't listed, I am sorry but at some point I have to max things out for sanity reasons. Also, THESE ARE NOT RANKINGS.  The first week I ordered them by record/winning percentage but I quit that the second week because of time issues.  But again, THESE ARE NOT RANKINGS.  Will we rank them?  Maybe.  It's something I would like to do but I need the time as this is a lot of work to put together. 

Note 2.  There are events in Indiana, the Heat event in the North metro, a small event in Ames, the Prep Hoops Circuit events that Minnesota teams are in, and the event in Omaha that several Minnesota teams are in.  That is where teams are this weekend. 


17 and Under Records

TeamRecordWs of NoteLs of Note
Grassroots Sizzle7-1
Select Ohnstad11-1Fury Narum (x2), WOTN, Fury Wilde, Comets Elite, SW Stars
D1 Minnesota4-5
Fury Wilde10-3Lightning E, Get Shook, Heat Mac, Rise, Heat MacSelect Ohnstad
D1 MN Prospects7-2
Heat MacDonald8-5Real Phenom, WOTN, Rise (x2)Fury Wilde (x2)
Howard Pulley2-6
WOTN Johnson2-2Comets EliteSelect Ohnstad, Heat Mac
Comets Elite7-5Magic P, Get Shook, Fury NarumWOTN, Select O
Team Get Shook4-4RiseFury Wilde, Comets Elite
Real Phenom10-1Starks Elite, Rip City, Heat Hoyt
Minnesota Rise7-5Comets Belka (x2)Get Shook, Heat Mac (x2), Fury Wilde
Heat Grow9-3Fury Narum, Playmakers North, MSP EliteReal Phenom
Starks Elite9-1Swish, Heat Conyers, Suns, E1T1, Heat Hoyt, Rip CityReal Phenom
Playmakers Showcase North 5-2Rip City, WC, Crossfire P, MSP EliteHeat Grow
MN Lightning Ellerbusch6-3Comets Belka, Fury NarumFury Wilde
Fury Narum5-7Magic P, SW StarsLightning E, Heat Grow, Comets Elite, Select O
Crossfire Pederson7-4NSTB, Comets P, SW Stars, Heat Conyers, WC United, JazzPlaymakers N,
Gain Elite1-3
Grassroots Sizzle Caldwell4-4Northstar Titans Barker
Heat Conyers7-5WC United, JazzStarks Elite, Crossfire P
Northstar Titans Barker6-6WC United, Lightning S, WOTN B, Select M, Crossfire P, Pulley 16s, Sizzle Caldwell
Select Mantey10-2Rip City, Real Phenom 2, Northstar Titans TTitans Barker
Comets Belka4-4Magic P, WC UnitedRise (x2), Real Phenom, Lightning E
Magic Elite7-2Select W, WOTN L, Comets Blue, Lightning B
MSP Elite7-4Playmakers North, Heat Grow
Swish5-2Lightning SStarks Elite
Lightning Studer6-2RP David, Comets P, Select WSwish, NST B,
Hustle Hard4-3Powerhouse, WOTN L
West Central Wildcats5-3Comets P, Heat Hoyt, WC United, SW MN StarsPlaymakers N,
Comets Petermeier7-5WC United, Jazz, WOTN 2WC Wildcats, Crossfire P, Pulley 16s, Lightning S
Powerhouse MN5-2WC Wildcats 2, Select L, Select W, Magic PTitans B, Hustle Hard
Select Larkin5-2Heat W, Real Phenom 2, WOTN B, WOTN LPowerhouse, Lightning S
Knights2-2SunsLightning S, Heat Conyers
Suns2-6Phenom DKnights, Starks Elite
Real Phenom David3-8Heat W, WOTN BLightning S, Suns, Select Mantey, Select L
WOTN Berg3-3Select W, Heat WNST B, Select L, Real Phenom 2
Select Wyandt5-3WOTN L, Comets BlueMagic Elite. Lightning S, WOTN Berg
E1T1 Elite2-1JazzStarks Elite
E1T1 Premier1-2Jazz, Starks Elite
MN Jazz4-3E1T1 pComets P, E1T1 Elite
Heat Hoyt5-3WC UnitedWC Wildcats
Rip City 22-2Lightning B
Lightning Bance3-2Magic Elite, Rip City 2
Magic Premier3-8WOTN L, Select WComets Belka, Comets Elite, Fury Narum, Powerhouse MN
WOTN Leith3-5Comets Blue, Comets RegionalSelect W, Magic E, Comets P, Select L
Rip City4-7Comets Regional, Heat HoytSelect M, Playmakers North, Starks Elite, Real Phenom Nick
Northstar Titans Terhaar3-10Select M
West Central United2-6Comets P, Heat Hoyt, NSTB, Comets Belka, WC Wildcats
Minneapolis Flight Squad1-3
Central Fusion1-3Rip City, Jazz, Crossfire P
SW MN Stars0-8WC Wildcats, Fury Narum, Select O
Comets Regional1-3WOTN L, Rip City
  16 and Under Records
TeamRecordWs of NoteLs of Note
Fury Antl10-2Rise, WOTN B, Starks Elite, Heat Pratt
WOTN Bertsch3-1Crossfire B, HoFFury Antl
MN Bounce8-0Lightning B, Comets G, Select E, WC Wildcats
MN Chill7-5
Lightning Dunham6-2Rip City, Comets P (x2), HawksPulley Tyus 15s, WOTN F
Mpls Flight Squad White3-1
Howard Pulley6-3Comets P 17s, Titans Barker 17s
Playmakers North4-3Select James, Magic PHeat D, Crossfire B
Comets Peterson5-6Swish, WOTN F, Heat S, Crossfire BLightning D (x2), Lightning P, Rip City
MN Hoopers 20233-1
Select Emge6-6MBA, WC UnitedMN Bounce, SW Stars, Comets Elite
Heat Dedina7-4MBA, Playmakers North, Fury HayesWC United, Starks Elite
Crossfire Kahl6-5Magic E, Rip City, Swish, WC WildcatsWC Wildcats
WC Wildcats7-4Select James, WC United, Crossfire KMN Bounce, Crossfire K
Heat Pratt7-5Fury Antl
Heat Lewis8-3Pulley Shelton, Swish, WOTN FPlaymakers Premier North, Select K
WC United4-7Heat DWC Wildcats, Select Emge
Crossfire Barger6-5Comets Elite, SW Stars, Playmakers, Magic PWOTN Bertsch, HOF
Lightning Ellerbusch3-5Real Phenom, Magic PremierHall of Fame
Hall of Fame2-2Lightning E, Fury HayesStarks Elite, WOTN B
Starks Elite7-3Real Phenom, HoF, Heat Say, E1T1 Premier, Fury Hayes, Head DFury Antl
Mpls Flight Squad Black2-2
Select James7-5Crossfire Brown, Lightning BWC Wildcats, Playmakers North, Comets G
Magic Elite5-2Lace UpCrossfire K
Master Basketball Academy2-2Comets GSelect E, Heat D
WOTN Foss7-4Exposure, Swish, Lightning B, Lightning DComets P, Titans Stone, Heat Lewis
D1 Minnesota4-4
Comets Elite 6-6Real Phenom, SW Stars, Select EmgeMagic Premier, Fury Hayes, Crossfire Borger
Fury Hayes3-8Comets EliteHof, Heat D, Starks Elite
Magic Premier2-9Comets EliteLightning E, HoF, Playmakers, Crossfire B
MN Lightning Bauer3-5Pulley S, Comets BBounce, Select James, WOTN F, Select K
MN Rise1-3Real PhenomFury Antl,
Crossfire Brown5-6SW Stars, Heat Say, Comets P, Rip CitySelect James
Comets Gagner4-3Select JamesBounce, MBA
MN Grizzlies0-4
Real Phenom2-5Comets Elite, Lightning E, Starks Elite, Rise
Grassroots Sizzle Silas2-2
Gain Elite2-2
SW MN Stars2-6WC United, Select EmgeComets Elite
Grassroots Sizzle Newbern6-2
Grassroots Sizzle Weah3-4
Minnesota Suns1-4
Grassroots Sizzle McDonald5-3
E1T1 Premier0-3Starks Elite, Heat Say
Heat Say4-2E1T1 Premier, Rip City, Crossfire PStarks Elite, Crossfire B
Northstar Titans Stone5-3Rip City, WOTN FPulley Tyus
Select Krona7-1Heat L, Select K, Pulley Tyus
Powerhouse MN3-4Rip City, Lace UpPulley Tyus, Pulley Shelton, Hawks
Swish4-3Rip City, HawksHeat L, WOTN F
Hall of Fame5-2Magic P, Playmakers, Crossfire B, Lightning E, Fury HStarks Elite, WOTN B
  15 and Under Records
TeamRecordWs of NoteLs of Note
D1 MN 15 3SSB9-0
Minnesota Spartans7-0Heat D 16s, Fury Hayes 16s, Starks Elite 16s
Starks Elite4-3Heat H, Comets G, Magic EliteE1T1 P, D1 MN Mofitt
Lightning Nelson8-1Select F, Heat F, WC2, Phenom, Comets G, Select M, SwishCentral MN C
Heat Nord4-3WC United, Rip CityD1 MN 14s
Heat Bohrer7-1Comets Elite, Selet A, Heat PBJ
Fury Zurn5-3Rush
Comets Grigsby4-4Magic G, Heat TStarks Elite, Real Phenom, Magic, Lightning N
Northstar Titans Brodeur6-2Heat F, Matrix, Phenom RN Lakers
Select Fuerte6-2Heat F, Lightning LLightning N, Real Phenom R
Team Get Shook5-3Lightning L, Magic P
D1 MN Mofitt6-2E1T1 P, Starks Elite. (x2)D1 MN 14s
Exposure3-1Playmakers N, Heat D,Magic Elite
Northern Lakers3-1WC2Lightning N
Fury Muir4-4Heat Jones
Crossfire Becker3-1Lace Up, Heat Jones
MN Chill6-5
MN Rise4-4Lightning L, SW Stars
Heat PB&J5-3Magic PLightning L, Heat B
Magic Elite4-4Exposure, Playmakers N, Rip City, Comets GComets G, Starks Elite, Select Mc, Heat Berg
Matrix4-4Rip City, Lace UpWC United, Heat F, Northstar Titans B
Heat Dimond3-5Starks Elite. Exposure
Playmakers North2-2Magic Elite, Exposure
Crossfire Ronning2-2Comets Elite, Lightning L
Rush6-2Comets Elite, WOTN M, D1 MN 14sFury Z, Select A
WC United2-6MatrixSelect Mc, Heat Nord, SW Stars
Heat Jones2-5Select McFury M, Crossfire B
Lightning Lyga3-5Heat PBJ, Heat FGet Shook, Rise, Crossfire R, N Lakers, Select F
Select Altenhofen4-4RushHeat B
WOTN Mitchell1-3Magic PrimierRush
Magic Premier1-3Comets EliteWOTN M, Get Shook, Heat PBJ
Select McCullough3-5WC United, Magic, Heat BHeat Jones, Lightning N, WOTN S
Swish Dahl4-4WC2, Heat T, WOTN SSelect F, Lightning N
WC United 2`2-6Heat CSwish, Northern Lakers, Lightning N, Select R, Swish
Lace Up0-3Matrix, Crossfire B
Rip City1-6Heat TMatrix, Heat Nord, Heat S, WOTN S, Magic
Comets Elite0-4Crossfire R, Heat B, Rush, Magic Premier
Howard Pulley 0-0
Gain Elite0-0
SW Mn Stars2-2WC UnitedRise
Grassroots Sizzle Caldwell2-1
Grassroots Sizzle Tillman0-4
Grassroots Sizzle Suggs2-2
Real Phenom 2-2Select FCentral C, Northstar Titans B
Central MN Cougars5-0Real P, N Lakers, Lightning N
Heat Bergen2-2Magic, Heat SSelect Mc, Real Phenom
Real Phenom Ross3-1Comets G, Heat BergLightning N
Heat Fluery2-2MatrixLightning L, Northstar Titans B
WOTN Scheevel3-1Heat S, Rip City, Select McSwish
E1T1 Premier1-2Starks EliteD1 MN Mofitt
Howard Pulley Tyus4-0Select K, Titans Stone, Lightning D

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