Conference Preview

Posted On: 04/16/21 7:35 AM

Surprising the 15U field at Lincoln was a band of 8th graders who played up a year. Lincoln Supreme 2025 didn’t just play. They went undefeated, with no opponent coming within a dozen or so points of winning.

Word around the Lincoln Sports Foundation complex was that the 8th graders match up very well with Lincoln Supreme’s two high-quality 2024 clubs.

“I love this group,” said Lincoln Supreme 2025 coach Rick Frager. “They don’t all go to school together, but they get along really well, and there’s just not a lot of friction among them. They are all competitive, and they battle each other and beat the crap out of each other in practice. But that’s as far as it goes.

“I think everybody is kind of grateful to be on this team, and there’s no jealousy.”

Playing up can be a challenge to a young kid’s psyche, and isn’t advisable for everyone. Frager said this group has handled it well so far.

“These guys have been really successful at their own age group,” Frager said. “But now, playing against bigger kids, stronger kids that jump higher, that’s the big thing for us. That’s the learning experience. You could get

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