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Between Louisville and Indianapolis, most of Kentucky’s AAU programs were playing somewhere this weekend. Here’s a look at the team results and the top performers. These were all reported to our Prep Hoops twitter. If your favorite team or player is not included, it’s because no one reported results.


Kentucky Vision went 0-4 at the RL Hoops event in Kansas City while playing short handed. Loon Gaye and Amari Wales both performed well.

Griffin Elite went winless on the weekend in Louisville but dropped all 4 games by narrow margins. Muhlenberg’s  Trey Lovell Trey Lovell 5'11" | PG Muhlenberg County | 2022 State KY and  Danye Frazier Danye Frazier 6'1" | PG Madisonville-North Hopkins | 2022 State KY of Madisonville had strong weekends while Whitesville Trinity’s  Landon Huff Landon Huff 6'2" | CG Trinity (Whitesville) | 2022 State KY had a solid weekend also.

2022 Mucker Louisville Storm went 4-1 and lost in the Aqua Championship.  Sam Powell Sam Powell 6'7" | PF Oldham County | 2022 State KY  led the Storm while  Cole Davis Cole Davis 6'2" | PG South Oldham | 2022 State KY  was also solid all weekend.

Cave Gym Elite went 3-1 for the weekend. They were led by the Frederick Douglass duo of  Kai Simpson Kai Simpson 6'1" | CG Frederick Douglass | 2022 State KY and Tyson Barrett Tyson Barrett 6'7" | SF Frederick Douglass | 2022 State KY Simpson averaged 17 per game while Barrett averaged 15 and 10.

Kentucky Select Blue won 4 close games this weekend.  Brant Smithers Brant Smithers 6'1" | CG Walton-Verona | 2022 State KY had a game winner in OT when he scored 25. Mekhi Wilson was consistent all weekend long and helped Select reach the finals.

Griffin Elite went 2-2 on the weekend with up and down performances.  Justin Becker Justin Becker 6'6" | PF Robertson County | 2022 State KY was a star again while  Darien Lewis Darien Lewis 5'11" | PG Fern Creek | 2022 State KY and Bryce Riley Bryce Riley 6'5" | SF Bardstown | 2022 State KY both kicked in multiple double figure scoring games.

Kentucky Select White went 1-3 for the weekend but was competitive.  Quantez Calloway Quantez Calloway 6'1" | PG Holmes | 2021 State KY led the team but they were balanced across the rest of the roster.

Kentucky Future Elite went 5-0 on the weekend in Louisville and won their bracket. Bless Kamuena, Colby Fugate Colby Fugate 6'3" | SF Paintsville | 2022 State KY and Jaxon Smith Jaxon Smith 6'2" | PG Lincoln County | 2022 State KY  all played well over the weekend.

Louisville Storm went 2-2 at the Expo in Louisville. Jordan McClure had a weekend high of 14 points while averaging 9 per game.


Vision Elite went 3-1 at the RL Hoops event in Kansas City. Shelby Valley’s Chaz Brown had a triple double in the first game while Zack Otis of Bath County averaged 11 per game on the weekend.

Griffin Elite Bordas went 1-3 on the weekend with a  Jay Rose Jay Rose 6'3" | SF Madison Southern | 2023 State KY  buzzer beater giving them a win on Sunday.  Jaden Biggers Jaden Biggers 6'6" | PF Bryan Station | 2023 State KY  of Bryan Station was their top scorer for the weekend.

Griffin Elite Hardewig went 4-0. The roster has 5 Kentucky kids and 4 from Ohio.  Teagan Moore Teagan Moore 6'5" | SF Owen County | 2023 State KY averaged 16 points and 9 rebounds while Landon Hamilton added 10.5 points per game. Magoffin’s Aden Barnett averaged 11 points and 6 rebounds as well.

Griffin Elite Rogers was 3-1 on the weekend.  Ondre Wicks Ondre Wicks 6'5" | SF Western | 2023 State KY and John McCrear John McCrear 6'8" | PF Lexington Catholic | 2023 State KY  starred and  Dallas Roberts Dallas Roberts 6'1" | PG North Oldham | 2023 State KY  had a big scoring day on Sunday. 

Kentucky Select Blue went 3-1 on the weekend. Mason Guffey of Grant County led the way for Select while Highlands point guard Seth Ryan ran the team from the PG spot.

Kentucky Select White finished 2-3 and lost in the Silver Championship game. Conner’s Dalton Kramer and Ludlow’s Jaxson Rice led Select White all weekend long.

Kentucky Future Elite finished up 2-2 at the Expo in Louisville.  Barek Williams Barek Williams 6'2" | CG Pulaski County | 2023 State KY and Josh Smith were top performers for the 16u group. 



Griffin Elite Hatton went 4-0 and knocked off Meanstreets out of Chicago in their biggest win of the weekend.  Vince Dawson Vince Dawson 6'3" | SF Great Crossing | 2024 State KY  of Great Crossing was good all weekend while  Hudson Blank Hudson Blank 6'2" | SF Dixie Heights | 2024 State KY  of Dixie Heights and  Jasper Johnson Jasper Johnson 6'3" | SF Woodford County | 2024 State KY  of Woodford County were both solid in all 4 wins.

Travis Perry Travis Perry 6'2" | PG Lyon County | 2024 State KY plays for Indiana Elite but averaged 26 points per game over the weekend. He hit 14 three pointers in 2 games on Sunday, scoring 34 points against the Atlanta Celtics and 38 against Garner Road.

Team Up Next out of Hopkinsville played in the Prep Hoops event in Kansas City. They went 4-0 with 4 big wins.  Gavin Grubbs Gavin Grubbs 6'1" | CG University Heights | 2024 State KY and Jaysean Riley were the leaders for Up Next this weekend.

Kentucky Select Blue finished up 2-2 on the weekend. Fleming County’s Seth Hickerson and St. Henry’s Andrew Reis were the standouts for Select Blue.

Kentucky Select White went 1-3 on the weekend but were competitive in all 3 losses. Gallatin County’s Eli Newman and Cooper’s Ryan Hartman helped carry the scoring burden all weekend long.



Louisville Defenders were runners-up at the grassroots showcase. Duece Bailey, Ben Tshaka and Nate Richardson were top players.

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