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Posted On: 04/5/21 5:45 PM

With the AAU travel season now in full swing, Prep Hoops Wisconsin takes a look  at the Wisconsin  Playmakers 15U Showcase squad.



Evan Anderson Evan Anderson 6'2" | PG Black River Falls | 2024 WI | Black River Falls HS | 6’3” | Evan is extremely shifty, skilled with the basketball and has elite athleticism.  Evan is a matchup problem at both the 1 and 2, has the vertical to rebound above his position and scores at all three levels.   He has an array to draw from offensively and is devastating in the open court.  Defensively he can guard the 1 or 2 effectively and has the length and quickness to pressure both on the ball and in the passing lane.   Big time future ahead for Evan. 

Cody Schmitz Cody Schmitz 6'4" | CG Gale Ettrick-Trempeleau | 2024 State WI | Gale Ettrick Trempealeau | 6’4” | Cody is big, strong and athletic.  Cody is a true 5 tool player who can play any position effectively on both ends.  he is at his best in rim attack situations where he can hit the mid range or use his many options around the rim.  However, you can’t discount his ability at the 3 point line.  Defensively Cody can guard the 2-4 effectively and can use his strength to guard the 5 and his length and athleticism to guard the 1 on switches.  Many options ahead in Cody’s future. 

Bo Vollrath | Fall Creek | 6’4” | Bo is a big presence in the paint.  He really impacts the game on both ends with his size and strength.  Bo has great touch at 15’ and is at his best being physical around the basket offensively.  Defensively Bo can effectively guard the 4/5 and rebounds the ball at a very high level.   Bo gets to line as much as anyone on this team and converts at a high rate.  As Bo continues to develop his mid range game and gain confidence away from the rim he is going to become a very tough player to contend with. 

Tamarrein Henderson Tamarrein Henderson 6'3" | SF Sparta | 2024 WI | Sparta | 6’3” | Tamarrein is our best defender and creates opportunities for the team with great defensive awareness.  He is elite guarding the 1, 2 or 3 and can really be disruptive to any teams offense.  He is a high level athlete who can play at the rim and is a terror in the open court.  Has a solid shot from the 3 point line and is outstanding in rim attack situations.   Tamarrein is dedicated to the game and he is going to only continue to get better from here. 

Ethan Hurlburt | Durand | 6’5” | Ethan is extremely long and athletic and not done growing. He is extremely versatile and has the ability to shoot the 3 and score around the rim.  Ethan can rebound and start the break and plays the 3-5 in our offense.  Defensively he really impacts with his length and challenges scorers at the top around the rim.  Ethan is still developing physically and has a bright future in front of him as he grows into himself. 

Tyson Lucas | Cameron | 5’10” | Tyson will be one of Cameron’s go to players for the next 3 years.  He is your prototypical point guard…smart, crafty and a willing team player.  Tyson has deep range on the 3 and the patience to feel out the drive to make the right play.  He is one of those players that when he shoots you are surprised when it doesn’t go in.  Defensively he typically guards the 1 or 2 and is the guy who gets us into our offense. 

Sam Horman | Aquinas | 5’11” | Sam is one of those guys every coach wishes he had 10 of.  He attends everything, he works extremely hard and as a result he continues to get better everyday.  Sam is a player you can’t leave open at the 3 point line . He has the ability to knock down the 3 in bunches and will get ahead on the break.  Paired with his ability to play the 1 or 2, he is a great player for this team.  Defensively Sam primarily guards the opponents 1 or 2 effectively. 

Ryan Popowich | Bruce | 6’2” | Ryan is one of those players that doesn’t know how talented he is.  He can truly play 4 positions, shoots the 3 well, can score around the rim, has really good bounce and can guard the same 4 positions.  Ryan is at his best facing in the half court where he can use his immense skill set to put the defense at a disadvantage.  Ryan is a solid rebounder who will become even better as he continues to develop physically. 

Shane Willenbring | Aquinas | 6’5” | Shane is a big, strong athlete who brings toughness, physicality and added rebounding.  Shane has been with this team a short time but it has become clear he is willing to do the dirty work that doesn’t always show in the stat sheet but leads to winning.  He is becoming more comfortable and will continue to be a more willing scorer as he has the ability to be a high rate scorer around the rim.  Shane is best guarding the 4 or 5 and adds some much-needed defensive impact around the basket. 


Quotes courtesy of  Director/Head Coach Kristopher Becker



March 27-28 | The Rock | Wisconsin Dells

April 17-18 | Comets Shootout | St Cloud, MN

May 1-2 | Hensley Memorial Run and Slam | Fort Wayne, IN

May 8-9 | Battle @ the Lakes | Twin Cities, MN

May 22-23 | NY2LA Invitational | Mequon, WI
May 29-30 | Memorial Day Mayhem | Waukesha, WI
June 12-13 | Ball til you Fall | Eau Claire, WI

July 8-11 | TBD

July 17-18 | NY2LA Summer Jam | Mequon, WI

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