Posted On: 04/6/21 10:14 PM

If you missed the first part of our 2023 New Additions make sure to check out. In part two, we discuss the final six newcomers, all of which have loads of potential to boost their stock over the coming updates. Not much distinguishes them right now in my eyes, which is reflected in them being all bunched up. With more exposure this summer, and increased roles for their high schools next year we will begin to see more clearly where these players ultimately lie.

Jabin Gardiner Jabin Gardiner 6'3" | SF Crete | 2023 State NE  
Current: 34

Handling the basketball and finishing at the rim are Gardiner's strong suits. He is a decent athlete paired with good size, and it gets him looks at the rim whenever he wants. When he puts his head down and gets that shoulder into his defender, not many can stop it.

Aric Thomas Aric Thomas 6'1" | SF Omaha South | 2023 State NE
Current: 40

Thomas is pretty raw at this point, but he showed major improvements in year two. Omaha South was built around their young players having significant roles, and they certainly took their lumps together. Next season's team will be much better for it. Thomas has big-time potential as a rebounder

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