Posted On: 04/2/21 1:42 PM

The latest update to the 2023 Prep Hoops Nebraska class is now live, and a number of 2023 prospects elevated themselves in their second seasons, earning a spot on this list. We will go over the new additions from the highest ranked players to the lowest, so in part one we will discuss the players who made the biggest leap from their unranked positions.

Andrew Gaines Andrew Gaines PG Lincoln High | 2023 State NE
Current: 15

From unranked to the top fifteen, Gaines really impressed for Lincoln High. He is not a shooter, and I think he needs to hunt more of his offense, but he gets to the rim and draws fouls at a high level. He doesn’t have the high-end burst, so change of pace is his game. He can set his defender up one way, and attack into space in the other direction.

Jacob Martin Jacob Martin 6'0" | PG Omaha South | 2023 State NE
Current: 29

Martin’s ranking will certainly improve in the coming updates, as his most significant weaknesses right now most likely stem from youth and inexperience. He can telegraph his passes, or make the play a beat too late. Other times he can drive to the hoop with tunnel vision

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