Posted On: 04/16/21 2:38 PM

Dane Petersen Dane Petersen 6'4" | PF Elkhorn | 2022 State NE | Elkhorn

Petersen had a terrific junior year, in which we saw him make higher level passing reads, and improved his low-post scoring. Elkhorn’s run to the championship game was fueled by Petersen’s ability to exploit mismatches in size. He has touch and finesse, but we saw him run the floor and fly high for some powerful dunks, too.

Jack Lusk Jack Lusk 6'4" | SF Elkhorn North | 2022 State NE | Elkhorn North

Lusk has a knack for spacing off the ball. He was a great cutter in the minutes I watched this season, and has nice touch in the lane. A big part of Elkhorn North’s advantage creation this season came from Lusk attacking closeouts. His footwork in that area is really solid, and his handle and athleticism make him dangerous on the drive. 

Casey O’Malley Casey O’Malley CG Creighton Prep | 2022 State NE | Creighton Prep

Coming off the bench, O’Malley can give you a little bit of anything. A solid spot-up shooter, but always seeking a cut into the lane to either shoot or kick it back out. He finishes well with either hand, and he has a floater in his bag to help finish over shot blockers. 

Grant Jansen Grant Jansen 6'3" | C Gretna | 2022 State NE | Gretna

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