Conference Preview

Posted On: 04/29/21 8:28 AM

Now we touch on the 16u Mason Elite program as the Pitt Jam Fest information races forward this week. This AAU organization has only one team under its belt, but what a team! There are a good amount of quality players in this group who contribute on a regular basis to their team’s success on the court. A balanced squad that works extremely well together from the experience of playing together for years. Listed below are some of the main guys from Mason Elite.


Mason Elite 16u ballers from the weekend:

Adam Bilinsky, 6’3 guard/forward - Norwin High School (Class of 2023)

Kellen McDonough, 6’5 power forward - Woodland Hills High School (Class of 2023)

Vinnie Cugini Vinnie Cugini 6'2" | SG Aquinas Academy | 2023 State PA , 6’2 guard/forward - Aquinas Academy High School (Class of 2023)

Dante DePante Dante DePante 6'2" | PG Central Catholic | 2023 State PA , 6’1 combo guard - Central Catholic High School (Class of 2023)

Michael Pfeuffer Michael Pfeuffer 6'2" | CG Mt. Lebanon | 2023 State PA , 6’1 combo guard - Mt. Lebanon High School (Class of 2023)

Ryan Edwards, 5’11 guard - Norwin High School (Class of 2023)

Noah Mason, 6’0 guard/forward - Central Catholic High School (Class of 2023)


The whole program of Mason Elite is a family atmosphere on and off the court. These

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