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Posted On: 03/8/21 11:51 AM

Where does everybody sit rankings wise with a week of playoffs in the book?  Check the PHD top tens today!


Class B

RankTeamRecordW's of NoteL's of NoteLast Week
1DeSmet25-1CWL, DR-SM, VH (x2), Arlington, Howard, Canistota, PG, ELB, Flan, WW, WR, ACSV1
2Aberdeen Christian20-5Hanson, PC, WSS (x2), W/S, LA, DRSM, WRWarner, Ipswich, Howard, VH, PG, DeSmet8
3Dell Rapids- St. Mary19-4WR (x2), Chester, ELB (x2), Howard, Hansonm VHDeSmet, DR, ELB, Canisota, AC3
4White River19-6PG, Winner, Lyman, Canistota, LBTZ, Howard, DR-SM (x2), Canistota, De Smet7
5Canistota22-4BE (x2), ELB, FA, Hanson, WR, Parker, DRSM, Howard, WS, LBDeSmet, VH, AC, WR2
6Elkton-Lake Benton18-5LA, DR-SM, HowardCanistota, DR-SM (x2), Howard, De Smet4
7Howard18-4Chester, WR, BE, AC, ELB, PG, VGDeSmet, DRSM, Canistota, ELB5
8Viborg-Hurley18-7BE, Hanson, Canistota, AC, LymanDeSmet (x2), Vermillion, Chamberlain, Howard, Madison, DMSM 6
9Platte-Geddes16-6SissetonDeSmet, WR, Chamberlain, Howard, Winner, AC9
10Lower Brule17-9FA, WS, MP, PC, LymanTZ, WR, Winner, WW, SC, DeSmet, WRNR


Class A

RankTeamRecord W's of NoteL's of NoteLast Week
1Sioux Falls Christian20-5Lennox, WC, STM, DR (x2), Mitchell, Madison, Tea,Harrisburg, Vermillion, SVSFOG, Vermillion, SV, Flandreau4
2St. Thomas More21-3Douglas, Tea, DR, Madison, Chamberlain, VermillionSFC (x2), SFOG5
3Vermillion23-2TV, Tea, VH, SFC, WC, DR, DV, Madison, Flandreau, WinnerDR, STM1
4Sioux Valley23-2CWL, Sisseton, Tea, DeSmet, Parker, Flandreau, SFC, Chamberlain, DVDV, SFC3
5Dakota Valley22-3Tea (x2), WC, SV, MP, DR (x2), WinnerSFC, Vermillion, SV2
6Dell Rapids16-6Tea, DRSM, WC (x2), Madison, RCC, VermillionSFC (x2), Vermillion, Flandreau, DV (x2), STM7
7Chamberlain18-6Flandreau, TZ, VH, PC. MP, Madison, PG, WinnerWinner, Hanson, Lyman, WC, STM, SV9
8Winner20-5LX, Chamberlain, PG, MP (x2)WC, White River, Vermillion, Chamberlain, DV6
9Tea Area14-8Madison, SFOG, AC, WCDV (x2), DR, SV, Vermillion, STM, SFC, SFW8
10Mobridge-Pollock15-6PC, GA, EllendaleDV, TZ. Chamberlain, Winner (x2), LB10


Class AA

RankTeamRecordW's of NoteL's of NoteLast Week
1SF Roosevelt17-5OG (x3), BV (x3), Harrisburg, RCS, AC, Mitchell, YanktonSFW (x2), Huron, RCC, Yankton3
2Yankton20-4OG, AC, SFR, Mitchell, RCCBV, SFW, Harrisburg2
3SF O'Gorman17-7SFC, SFL, RCC, RCS, AC, STM, SFW, Mitchell, SFW (x2), HarrisbugSFR (x3), Yankton, Tea, BV, Harrisburg4
4SF Washington17-4SFR (x2), Yankton, Harrisburg, BV, Tea, Mitchell, AC (x2)SFOG (x3), Yankton1
5Harrisburg17-7RCC, Yankton, SFOG, AC, MitchellSFW, SFR, Mitchell, BV, SFC, AC, SFOG6
6Brandon Valley16-8Yankton, SFOG, AC, Harrisburg, RCC, MitchellSFL, SFR (x3), Mitchell, SFW, AC7
7Mitchell15-9RCC, SFL, BV, Harrisburg, ACSFC, Pierre, SFR, SFOG, Yankton, SFW, Yank, BV, Harrisburg5
8Aberdeen Central13-11RCC (x2), SFL, BV, HarrisburgRCS, Yankton, Tea, BV, SFOG, SFR (x2), Watertown, Harrisburg, Mitchell, SFW8
9Watertown8-13RCC, RCS, ACSFW, Yankton, SFR, SFOG, BV (x2), Mitchell (x2), Harrisburg, BV9
10Rapid City Central11-9Huron, SFRMitchell, AC (x2), SFOG, Harrisburg, Watertown, RCS, Yankton, BV10

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