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Gobble up the updated Class of 2021 rankings!! Rankings are subjective and ranks purely upon potential and where the player will be at their basketball peak.  Production factors in only when helping prove the potential is greater or lesser.  Why did we rank these guys?  Why are they at this spot?  Take a look at five Class of 2021 prospects and learn a little about their reputation.

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Gioppino Basketball clip art#1 Johnathan Lawson Johnathan Lawson 6'8" | SF Houston | 2021 State #112 Nation TN (Houston) 

Attempting to earn his third State Championship with his third different team (Memphis East ’18, Wooddale ’19, Houston ’21?).  Lawson is an elite swingman and unlike Chandler and Dedric was groomed early as a guard.  It helped his handle and his outside shooting tremendously.  Johnathan signed to Oregon in the fall.  His greatest limitations in his earlier high school years were shot selection and uneven defensive commitment.  With Houston he still scores plenty, but melds better with teammates of his ilk. Lawson will always be a plus-plus rebounder.  As he enters college the long, athletic Lawson will obviously play more minutes as games lengthen.  He will be the most likely ’21 graduate to amass a triple-double in college.

Gioppino Basketball clip art#2 Alex Anderson Alex Anderson 6'7" | SF Tipton-Rosemark Academy | 2021 State #192 Nation TN (Tipton-Rosemark)

Alex is not just a winner, he is an inspiration to his teammates.  Anderson consistently plays with supreme intensity. Wonderful worker. He has been ranked top 3 of this class throughout his career and the TRA Rebels advanced to state all four seasons.  In fact, Tipton-Rosemark lost in the Championship Game in 2019 and the State Semifinal Game this spring.  Like Mason Miller Mason Miller 6'9" | SF Houston | 2021 State #92 Nation TN , Anderson needed to develop his agility and handle away from the basket during his high school years and he did.  Anderson dominated the ball much of the last two years and sacrificed his post domination quite a bit.  Anderson still lacks the elite outside shot even though his dribbling and slashing is dramatically improved.  Intangibles like mental toughness and tenacity set him apart from equally skilled players.

Gioppino Basketball clip art#3 Kameron Jones Kameron Jones 6'4" | PG ECS | 2021 State #177 Nation TN (ECS)

Pure points.  Kameron is one of the rare Memphis-area talents to matriculate into the Great White North of America, signed to Marquette.  His physical gifts are good, but his basketball brain and savvy are elite.  Left-handed and full of guile, Kameron creates like an artist without inhibition. 

 Gioppino Basketball clip art#4 Mason Miller Mason Miller 6'9" | SF Houston | 2021 State #92 Nation TN (Houston)

By basketball prodigy standards, Mason Miller Mason Miller 6'9" | SF Houston | 2021 State #92 Nation TN is a late-bloomer, and yet he was always destined to be surrounded by the state’s greats.  Miller’s lower-body strength is much improved in the last two years.  Now, he can get change directions at an elite high school guard level.  Though he obviously plays taller than all guard defenders, Mason does not need to lean on that height advantage anymore.  He can create actual separation with the legs and moves.  The maturation physically is tremendous and expected.  Mason and his Houston teammates certainly looked like possible 2020 State Champions before Co-Vid prematurely ended last season.  Likely, Houston will again make a bid for the crown. Signed to Creighton University.

Gioppino Basketball clip art#5 Kidtrell Blocker Kidtrell Blocker 6'5" | CG Tennessee Prep | 2021 State TN (Tennessee Prep)

Kidtrell made the highest debut of any player this cycle.  “He is really blowing up,” said Tennessee Prep Head Coach Harold Rayford via a phone call.  :I know when we go down to Atlanta, he is really going to pick up more once he gets down there.”

Kidtrell is a high-flying wing with an exceptionally balanced scoring package.  Blocker committed to his craft and intentionally sought out a basketball-focused home in Tennessee Prep.

“This young man took the time out to come from up in New York to Tennessee for two years,” said Coach Rayford.  “My hat is off to him because a lot of guys get homesick.”

Coach Rayford is proud of the commitment shown by Blocker and both he and Kidtrell are noticing the benefits of their basketball relationship.   Blocker is the highest unsigned prospect in the state.


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