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One of my favorite program stops during the grassroots season is the LV Knicks. I always enjoy the access and conversations with Lamar Bigby and his staff. On this night the program director of the state’s only Adidas sponsored team is wearing multiple hats. He plays the role of chauffeur picking up one of his top 2023 players. He’s a coach diligently teaching the fundamentals of ball screens to his guards, and a mentor while educating a young player about controlling his emotions. In a landscape where players arrive from everywhere, to join teams, the Knicks remain focused on developing homegrown local talent. That talent includes Dallas Mavs Small Forward Tyler Bey, Fresno St Big Man Orlando Robinson, and current Running Reb Nick Blake. In this article, we take look at the Las Vegas Knicks. 


Shane Thomas Shane Thomas 6'3" | SG Durango | 2022 State NV 6’3 SG 2022 (#4PHN 2022) – The best corner 3 point shooter in America. The lefty is one of the top floor spacers and 3 and D guys on the West Coast. 

Donavan Webster Donavan Webster 6'4" | SG Cheyenne | 2022 State NV 6’3 SG Cheyenne 2022 – Good athlete that likes to get out and score in transition. His development will play a key part in the success of the Knicks 17U team this season. 

Eugene Dillion Eugene Dillion 5'8" | PG Liberty | 2022 State NV 5’9 PG Liberty 2022 – Tough as Nails PG, that embodies the culture of LVK. 


Tylen Riley Tylen Riley 6'0" | CG Durango | 2023 State NV 6’0 CG Durango 2023 (#15PHN 2023) – One of the top defenders in his class, Riley should play a big role for LVK, the combo guard will probably see equal time on and off the ball. 

Jordan Morency Jordan Morency 6'3" | PG Bishop Manogue | 2023 State NV 6’2 PG Bishop Monogue 2023 (#7PHN 2023) –  Originally at Silverado, the Reno native provides instant offense for the Kicks backcourt. 

Myron Hubbard Myron Hubbard 6'3" | SG Centennial | 2023 State NV 6’3 SG Centennial 2023 – A long rangy athlete that can get out and score in transition, Hubbard should provide depth to their wing position. 

Tommy Brascia Tommy Brascia 6'9" | PF Durango | 2023 State NV 6’7 PF Durango 2023 (#9PHN 2023) – Brascia will be playing up with their 17U’s. A high motor big, Brascia stretches defenses with his rim running and is a willing rim protector and rebounder. 

Top Prospects: 

Chase Jackson Chase Jackson 6'7" | C Centennial | 2023 State NV 6’8 C Centennial 2023 (#31PHN 2023) – Jackson looks completely different from the player I saw a year ago. He’s developed a back to the basket game, and is rebounding and rim-protecting much more aggressively. An intriguing prospect that actually grades out at or above average at every skill, he has the potential to become another homegrown developed talent of the program. 

Jaquavis Williford Jaquavis Williford 6'4" | SG Western | 2023 State NV 6’5 SF Western 2023 (#13PHN 2023) – Best word to describe Williford is smooth. The long lefty gobbles up court space with every stride. He can get to the rim in under two dribbles, and effortlessly shoots it from 3. Has the potential to be one of the leading scorers on the Gauntlet and in the state. 


Jordan Willis 5’8 PG Palo Verde 2023 – Have no clue where Willis came from, but I love his game. Played with good pace, and a competitive spirit. He fits the “Dawg” culture of the program. If their 2023’s get production from him anywhere similar to what I witnessed at the workout, then they are going to be a real problem during the grassroots season. 

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