Posted On: 03/12/21 10:02 PM

Olympus Prep

W/F Cam Tweedy 6’7 ‘21 (UNSIGNED)
Tweedy plays like a freight train and will try to run you over if you are in his way. He scores a lot of physical buckets. He is very effective in scoring off the bounce attacking downhill. Tweedy battled defensively guarding 2-5. He also positions himself well for rebounds on either end of the floor.

W/F Tyrell Moore 6’7 ‘21 (UNSIGNED)
Moore is a versatile athletic wing who has great positional versatility he can play 1-3. His blend of size and athleticism are off the charts. He is able to knock down shots with ease from behind the arc. Moore is also assertive on the glass on both ends. He plays with great energy and a chip on his shoulder when he steps on the floor.

G TJ Horton 6’5 ‘21 (UNSIGNED)
Horton is a big guard who can initiate offense for himself and is known for being able to score off the dribble while attacking downhill. He has a great blend of length & size which allows him to cover ground effortlessly and guard guards & wings.

PG Jared Clawson 6’0 ‘21 (UNSIGNED)

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